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How is Brown Living building a sustainable future through eCommerce? Learn about their mission & commitment to ethical & eco-friendly practices in this inspiring article. This blog was originally posted on Anchor.FM on Mar 26, 2021, by Sreepriya Sridharan.

Hello and welcome back! You are listening to Circular Business Podcast - a series where we view Circular Economy from the Indian context. I’m your host and dost Sreepriya Sridharan and we are absolutely delighted to be recognized as one of the top 20 Circular Economy podcast on our planet!! Thank you so much listeners for your continued support!

Allow me to introduce you to our guest today - Chaitsi Ahuja. She is a phenomenal woman, driven by passion for zero-waste lifestyle and her intent to transform her life opened up pathways to make other’s journey simpler.

Chaitsi is the founder of Brown Living which is an environmentally efficient e-commerce platform and a one-stop-shop for most things you will need to live a low-impact and plastic-free lifestyle.

They are on a mission to to make environmentally-sustainable products easily accessible to the consumer of today; Create an awareness about conscious consumption and environment-positive products; Be a growth platform for artists, artisans and small businesses who make environmentally-sustainable products; Plant & maintain a million trees.

Many of us may have fallen in the trap of green washing brand marketing at some point in the past decade, and that’s why it becomes all the more important for us to have reliable curators like Brown Living in the market place whose selection frameworks help weed-out the not-so-sustainable products.

Check out The Brown Lens -> to understand their product selection & curation process.

So come along..grab your coffee or chai and join me in this conversation with Chaitsi Ahuja.

Key takeaways:

Before starting Brown Living her market survey revealed that accessibility to to funds and resources were minimal for the conscious brands. Consumer awareness too was minimal and miss trust on a “brand image around sustainability” was peaking.

She felt compelled to create her own framework to analyze the carbon footprint of brands that she used in her day to day life- inorder to understand what works..that’s how “The Brown Lens” came into being.

Not only did she score the brands, this framework then became a basis for filtering in suppliers for Brown Living e-commerce website. Through this framework she was able to identify the pain points of certain brands and initiated dialogues to understand ways of solving the problem and making the brand more sustainable.

Packaging trends off today have enormous opportunity areas from the sustainability lens, and I liked Brown Living’s attention to detail in that aspect. They have ensured that all their packaging are plastic free!

Brown Living’s vision is to make sustainability mainstream. They want to be the household name in the next 5 years.

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