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Pragya Kapoor's partnership with Brown Living brings sustainability to home décor. Explore eco-friendly products and their inspiring vision on the blog.

Environmentalist and film producer Pragya Kapoor announces her association with Brown Living. Pragya has come onboard as a partner & investor with Brown Living, as she is a firm believer of green practices & also actively works as an environmentalist with her NGO Ek Saath - The Earth Foundation. EK Saath works towards making the country more sustainable & conscious by undertaking initiatives such as waste collection, sanitation, beach restoration. Her association with Brown Living resonates with her personal values and is yet another feather in her cap.

“All of us have a role to play in conserving the earth and I believe we must make sustainable & kinder choices everyday. This is why I chose to associate with Brown Living and Chaitsi - It is everything I stand for & believe in. Brown Living makes conscious choices easy and helps people choose more sustainable options. The brand creates awareness and empowers sellers who normally would not get the reach and support that they do through Brown Living as a platform.” - Pragya Kapoor, Business Partner & Investor at Brown Living.  

Chaitsi Ahuja & Pragya Kapoor

Brown Living is India’s first sustainable and plastic-free online marketplace for a wide range of everyday use products curated for vegan, zero-waste and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Each product is made-in-India and handpicked after evaluating its environmental impact.

“Climate change is an urgent matter and to reduce the impact of our consumption as humans has become a matter of survival. Sustainable, Ethical and Conscious Consumption is at the forefront of everything we do at Brown Living, and it is my honor to collaborate and associate with Pragya to take our vision to the next level. The only way to move forward for us as citizens of the earth is to change our lifestyle and be advocates of sustainability. Together, with this unified vision, we want to provide access & bridge the gap between the conscious consumer and the responsible small businesses, in effect make sustainable living mainstream in India." - Chaitsi Ahuja, Founder & CEO at Brown Living.

Chaitsi Ahuja and Pragya Kapoor

Launched in 2019 by earth advocate Chaitsi Ahuja, Brown Living provides easy access to sustainable products all in one place. It encompasses apparel, home-decor accessories, self-care & wellness products. The brand aspires to be the preferred destination for those who want to make informed choices and shop consciously with least damage to the environment.

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