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Pooja Dutt's legacy blooms green! Explore her sustainable journey, blending ancestry with eco-living wisdom. Embrace a future-friendly lifestyle.

With forefathers being Kangra Tea farmers, Pooja Dutt followed in their footsteps and founded India’s 100% certified organic tea company, Kangra Tea House. 

The current situation of the majority of cities is totally unsustainable in regards to plastic, pollution, water, etc., along with the plight of farmers, Pooja developed an urge to move towards organic farming & spent two years in the research of teas.

Paving her own way, Pooja says that even if she has to go one customer at a time she will keep at it. Keeping at the challenges that she faces with the customers & the brand. Challenges like spreading awareness about her product differentiation. About explaining to people the reality of tea bags & why they should shift to tea leaves. Along with spreading awareness, she feels choosing the right kind of packaging material without compromising the organic nature of the food product is another big challenge. And, procure certified organic ingredients in small batches along with the government stamp while maintaining their zero compromise policy toward inorganic ingredients is also a challenge.

Pooja’s journey has been very gratifying, especially when she sees people's reactions to when the authenticity & originality of the tea is explained. She feels more motivated when her daughters at a young age, not just understand sustainability, but also ask the right questions while making everyday purchases. Along with this working towards overall health & developing a sense of contribution to the experience.

A fully sustainable ecosystem can be created by encouraging customers to buy the teas along with making them aware, is what Pooja feels. She thinks of herself as a student of sustainability. While being a student for a lifetime, she can help others by sharing her experiences & collaborating with like-minded people. She says it is time we march towards a sustainable life otherwise there wouldn’t be much left for the future generation. 

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