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Discover how Preeta Chaudhuri is redefining her family's textile business with circular fashion. Explore the sustainable fashion evolution in her inspiring story.

Following zero-waste manufacturing techniques to reduce the impact of textile wastage & landfills, Preeta Chaudhuri is the founder of Wear Equal. A loungewear & intimate wear brand that upcycles premium organic cotton deadstock from the founder’s family textile business.

Sustainable living is simple living, Preeta says. She believes it is about age-old practices of preservation, restoration & reuse. She believes that due to the commercial nature of dynamic markets, we have forgotten the practices.

Preeta’s journey of creating Wear Equal is an effortless story in itself. Having worked in the sustainable development sector for a decade she developed a grit to repurpose the tonnes of waste that was created in her family’s textile business. She tried to apply the circular production that she had read about.

She believes her sustainable journey has been a journey of constant discovery and innovation. Along with challenges such as the scaling of an upcycling business, motivating teams to apply sustainable practices in business operations, sourcing in small quantities as they produce in small batches, and not being able to find options for niche sustainable products.

Searching for like-minded organizations & developing partnerships with them helped Preeta in her business sourcing. She also ran pilot tests with the pricing where she felt enriched knowing about the mindset of Indian customers.

Preeta says that sustainable living has brought her back to her roots. She has a small family business who are consistently trying to make manufacturing units go zero-waste or low-waste. She said she would love to showcase itself as a model factory and disseminate the best practices that can be used to reduce textile wastage and also lower the carbon footprint through the methods of upcycling at scale. 

You can find her collection here: 

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