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Explore how Gaurav Mishra, a Banaras student, is changing the game in waste management. Read his inspiring story on Brown Living's blog.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Physical Education from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Gaurav Mishra has always been keen on his surroundings and has regularly noted the problems related to waste management in ghats as well as residential complexes. 

He started with a small team during his early days in college which has now grown into the venture of Kuda Bazar, performing on multiple levels to clean the city and the ghats of Banaras, and transforming waste products into upcycled artistic goods.

The common challenge they faced as a sustainable brand is spreading awareness. Other than that they also face challenges of irregular funding, pitching business plans, execution, etc.

Gaurav has his own ways of dealing with challenges. He goes all in while structuring & forming plans which led to arranging sources to regularise funding. Also, he presented it on local and state levels and started getting recognition

His belief in charity begins at home led him to spread the message of sustainable living to his neighbors, friends, and the public. It was essential that he embraced its core values and lived by its very essence. In his personal space sustainability ensured a conscious and healthy living, with more greenery and less plastic.

Sustainable living has enabled him a better visualization of the ways through which each one of us can reduce ecological damage, he believes. Waste management, spreading awareness against plastic use, planting trees, organizing clean-up drives, and cloth donation drives require teamwork and Kuda Bazar has been able to bring together masses to understand the need for sustainable development in life and create scopes for each one to contribute in their own way.

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