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Rashmick is the Co-Founder of a sustainable apparel label - Lafaani. He believes one’s sustainability journey has already begun in childhood if they have grown up in an Indian family. He cites examples of his childhood days of accompanying his father to the vegetable market daily with the same ‘sabzi ka thaila’ and watching his mother washing Chinese takeaway containers & storing nuts and masalas in them. From passing on elder sibling’s clothes to younger sibling to passing it down to turn it into duster, the concept of reusing seems to be in our blood.

If it were not for Rashmick’s real-life experiences, his commitment to sustainable living wouldn’t be strengthened. This commitment helped in developing the slow clothing philosophy brand, Lafaani. A passion project, started by two friends, with their unabashed love and admiration for timeless designs, Indian textiles, and learnings from traditional Indian craft knowledge.  Also, by creating a brand with a circular economy approach along with gender-neutral designs Rashmick has been very experimentative (in the best possible way).

He feels that creating a balance in the market is a challenge that needs to be focused upon. Along with that deconstructing & reconstructing products while understanding their impact on the environment is another challenge that needs to be highly addressed, he feels. Another challenge according to Rashmick is Greenwashing through mass media. Lastly, spreading awareness to a larger audience.

Overcoming these challenges is an ongoing process, Rasmick feels. However, bringing about change in the people around you first is a good way to go. Using modern technology to bring positive awareness and share accurate knowledge is important.

Accepting the fact that you still have a long way to go in your sustainable life journey is one of the first few steps of having started to lead life that way. And, Rashmick is a believer in that. He says that even taking small steps at personal as well as professional levels has given him a sense of individuality & purpose. He believes that now he can confidently ask people to make the minimal switches that he has already tried.

Rashmick says that one-to-one conversations regarding sustainable living are as much important as they are at the community level. It is the best way to get through to a person. Understanding their side of things and sharing his own experiences without any forceful imposition of personal opinions (from both sides) can bring about a positive change at an individualistic level. 

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