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Uncover the secrets of sustainable living with Kriti Jain, the eco-savvy marketeer. Explore her insights and tips for a greener, more mindful approach to daily life.

Kriti Jain is a digital marketer and a sustainable living enthusiast. She’s the founder of The Greenmove Store which provides green gift hampers & decor. Since childhood, she has been mindful of water & electricity consumption. She has grown up in a lush green home which made her realize the impact of pollution & lack of greenery in a city like Delhi.

The pandemic brought Kriti a lot closer to nature. She began educating herself about sustainability & looked for alternatives to everyday materials. And, a trip to the mountains added to this spirit of sustainable living after experiencing the physical effect of fresh air, simple living & organic food. This was totally the opposite of her personality in the city. She was motivated to work towards sustainable living thinking of working towards the greater cause of saving nature.

She is very eco anxious & wants to do it all at once from cutting out plastic to segregating waste. She feels another major challenge is making people switch to a sustainable lifestyle.

Kriti believes in taking every chance to educate people, including house helpers to generate less waste & consuming less resources. She’s also working towards no plastic packaging in her small business. She believes in a minimalistic lifestyle which she says reflects peace in one’s state of being. Being mindful of consumption is the key to being productive & leading a beautiful sustainable life.

She says “My journey towards a sustainable lifestyle has been emotional, mindful and inspiring!”

Eventually, conducting workshops around eco-living is Kriti’s vision & she feels it is imperative that the initiative transcends from online awareness to offline practices. Along with this providing quality products that last, and are made from sustainable materials. So that people know and are aware that sustainable options exist.

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