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Join us in celebrating Dominique and Priyanjoli, the driving force behind innovative sustainability partnerships. Explore their stories now!

Meet Priyanjoli & Dominique, the co-founder of Oh Scrap! Priyanjoli is a former celebrity manager & costume designer whose passion for film & textiles led her to sustainable fashion. And, Dominique is a demographer & epidemiologist who has been a go-green enthusiast for years, driven by her personal & professional experiences with carbon footprint & population.

Both of their shared concern about waste inspired them to create Oh Scrap! to encourage conscious consumerism and positively impact the planet. Priyanjoli applied her shock of getting exposed to the abusive nature of the clothing industry very creatively at her startup.

Reinventing themselves every week is a big challenge to both of them as they do not get the same raw material in the business of upcycling fabric scraps. Forming guidelines for upcycling is yet another challenge that they face. What can be a bigger task is to find the right kind of audience that understand the need to switch to sustainable choices. Apart from all these challenges, Priyanjoli & Dominique believe that the sustainability of running a small sustainable business is the biggest of all.

Their baseline to face every challenge in their sustainable journey is to have less eco-anxiety & more confidence about their path & the journey. Also, they are looking forward to allocating more time & effort to segregation and fabric selection. And, they also want to stick to the belief that they are making a difference.

Priyanjoli & Dominique believe that they are helping people turn towards sustainability by giving a lot of tips and information on climate change & how to lead a more sustainable life on their Instagram community.

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