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The founder of Daivik Moringa & a mother to two children, Devika Bajaj firmly believes in solving issues by herself rather than complaining about them.

Having health issues post-delivery from her second child led Devika to adapt to natural and sustainable products. These products combat vitamin and energy deficiencies in the body, which led her to start her venture of Organic Moringa-based Healthcare, Skincare, and Haircare products.

Devika’s challenges for her brand include finding the right vendors alongside searching for the right formulas to curate natural products. Also, figuring out the right ingredients, spreading awareness of sustainable living, & coming across portals that share the same brand ethos as their company have been some of the other challenges that Devika had to face.

Along with Devika’s search for the right ingredients & vendors, the brand also got the appropriate customer base through its exhibitions and collaborations. Apart from professional benefits she also has had many personal benefits like being more focused & proactive. Her resistance to junk food has increased along with the reduction in her carbon footprint.

Devika believes that she’s promoting sustainable living by providing a one-stop solution to health, skin, and hair problems via their natural, organic, and sustainable products and packaging. She says that Moringa is a key ingredient in all their products and a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that has shown remarkable results in the overall health of our consumers.

Her strong impression could be reflected in their staff. They have started following principles of sustainable living and their first step has been a significant reduction in wastage along with more productivity at work!

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