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While following the passion to help people make more sustainable choices, Sumedha Singh also looks into sustainable skincare. Yes, she’s the founder of two businesses. The Eco Story, where they spread awareness about actions that are for social & environmental good & Tes Beauty, which is an effective and intentional sustainable skincare company.

Sumedha believes that sustainability was ingrained in her since childhood. She says that one of the core values of sustainability is respect. Respecting not only people, communities & cultures but also books, food & clothes. Almost everything that her family needed came from local artisans back then & she remembers living in conjunction with the seasons & nature. During her childhood, she learned to value not just her possession but nature as well.

The day when the need to change struck Sumedha hard was when she took her incessantly coughing daughter to the doctor. When doctor very casually told her it was a normal scenario those days due to the smog. She says instead of finding a solution to the problem, they were merely trying to deal with its consequences. The impact of this smog on her life was huge. She was allergic to dust & had to resort to an inhaler almost every day. She then pulled up her socks & started researching for the real ‘clean & safe’ products for kids & families.

Recalling one of her early challenges Sumegha says that it wasn’t easy 4 years ago to get the correct information even after collecting knowledge from multiple sources like books, documentaries, podcasts, etc. Another common yet the biggest challenge is eco-anxiety, she feels. Also, the understanding of materials & end of their cycle.

She feels being passionate helped her face every challenge that was there in her face. Sumedha also feels learning & unlearning helped her in these challenges. The realization of the importance of small steps developed the spirit of keeping moving, no matter how much slow. Another way of dealing with problems is surrounding yourself with the right kind of people. Choosing the right friends, mentors, and experts are of great help during these challenges.

Sumedha believes sustainable living has made her more intentional in her routine choices. She says the idea is to keep making better choices and keep doing the bit without feeling the eco-guilt. And raising her daughter with the same awareness brings hope. 

From the sourcing of ingredients/products to the packaging, Sumedha makes sure of putting out the right products to her community which is also true to the nature of both her businesses.

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