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The Founder of Braag Green, a plant-based & upcycled bags company, Seema Mishra. Seema is a proactive supporter of sustainable living. She believes in taking small steps & started applying the same in her personal life. From conserving energy by switching off lights & electronics when not in use to switching her whole diet to plant-based shows how she leads by example.

Seema’s sustainable journey started after her baby was born. She says her baby made her feel a strong inspiration to embrace sustainable living. She believes she has grown up in a better environment than what there is today. With the worsening climate change, increasing deforestation, etc. Seema’s vision to provide a safe & healthy environment made her switch to sustainable living. She also feels a connection to the natural world, as well as a sense of purpose and meaning in our daily lives. Consuming less brings a sense of freedom and joy to her along with the enjoyment of living with less.

She says that she started using reusable bags, water bottles, & coffee cups along with composting food waste to live a sustainable life. She also made the switch to sustainable products in her house, from cleaning supplies, and clothing to personal care products.

Also, she believes that by supporting local businesses and purchasing minimal, or even thrifting products everyone can make a positive impact on the environment & create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Unlearning the long-held unsustainable habits, peer pressure where they don’t support the switch, and lack of awareness among others has been a few of the many challenges that Seema faced while switching to a sustainable lifestyle.

No matter how intimidating it seems to do the switch but it is quite rewarding & fulfilling if done with the right kind of approach, Seema says. She believes in focusing on making one change at a time, and she leads by example. A growing sense of responsibility towards taking care of our planet develops when you start seeing the positive impact of those changes, she says.

A few impacts that Seema had in her life following sustainable living are mentioned here. Foremost that her family feels healthier physically & mentally by switching to a plant-based diet as it reduces exposure to harmful chemicals. And, another is her family’s cost saving as they followed the concept reduce, reuse & recycle in their routine life.

She strongly believes that we can all make a difference and contribute towards a healthier and more sustainable future!

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