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Join the sustainable revolution with Faheema Choudhry as she shares her green living wisdom and motivates you to start your eco-friendly journey now.

Retail expert and Ecopreneur, Faheema Choudhry. Faheema is the founder of Bamboology, a company providing bamboo fabric clothing. While researching the textile industry she came to know the amount of pollution this industry is passing. This is when she came across sustainable textiles & introduced Bamboology.

Faheema says that along with learning a lot about different types of pollution at the industry level her journey has been very exciting yet challenging. Challenges like sustainability or pollution awareness among people, then the pricing needs to be thoroughly justified to almost every customer in person, another one is that most of the time it’s impossible to source locally, and the customer’s approach is often very questionable to a sustainable product for its quality, price & almost everything.

It’s about showing up to these challenges for Faheema. She took them one by one & initially started creating awareness through family, friends, and social media as the fabric is totally new to people. Then she made a strategy to fight the pricing challenge & started with giveaways & discounts, that way the company will get a few experienced & trusted consumers.

Her sustainable living journey made her more conscious about her choice & she says that the practice now reflects in her kids too.

She says that they are trying to reach local vendors to source ethical products and provide them with a wide range of sustainable products to help them start their 'Green journey'.

You can find her collection here: 

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