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Meet Shraddha Barde a CA turned into a Textile Artist & Designer, in the field of ‘Eco Printing’, and founder of the label ‘Leafage’.

Shraddha says that her creative passion took over after 14-plus years of successful corporate life. She turned toward the textile industry to be a designer & that journey made her found Leafage. Since its launch, it has been promoting eco-printing as an art form. She believes it is an art & science both, where prints are created using Natural elements like leaves, bark, twigs, etc., giving away their color & texture and leaving beautiful imprints onto the fabric, without any chemical/synthetic dye. Reflecting the uniqueness each time it prints just like that of nature.

Finding which local foliage will set in the print well is one of the early challenges Shraddha faced. Along with that spreading awareness about eco-printing is another challenge amongst the list. And, finding the right platform to sell sustainable products while budgeting is a tough ask. 

She feels, as a passionate nature lover when she observes Nature's creativity around her she’s always in ‘awe’ to see its wonderful color combinations, shapes, and textures & each one is different. And, her sustainable journey has been all about walking on a path of Nature towards an Era of living with Nature, adapting & embracing ‘Natural and Handmade’ elements.

Switching to sustainable living has benefitted her skin as she uses organic fabrics. Also, she believes it has benefitted her overall health.

While conducting workshops to spread awareness about eco-printing & sustainable living, Shraddha wants to help others make a switch.

You can find her collection here: 

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