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Slow living reimagined by Rajashvi Jajodia: Explore sustainability, mindfulness, and a holistic perspective for a richer, fuller life.

Rajashvi Jajodia, the Founder of Masaya Home. She says that she saw behind the scenes of the industry in terms of cloth wastage, workers working below fair wages, & the artisans growing out of their family-run businesses as the world shifts to digital technology.

Her sustainable journey has had many challenges but yet she felt empowered as it keeps her aware of her roots. While she says that there’s a list of challenges she faced developing sustainable living, she really means it. The list goes as:

  1. Plastic Recycling - The minimum quantity required to collect is quite high as per what is generated in our household and the delivery addresses are at a distance
  2. Sustainable Clothing - The options for the price are limited, it's not just a change in clothing but also your personal style, which is a conscious effort
  3. Carrying a tiffin/ water bottle/cloth bag- Passing this habit on to my mother, especially while traveling by flight or on road trips, sometimes I forget too, it is a habit that needed to be broken
  4. Being conscious about growing more plants around - It's difficult to keep them alive at first

Along with overcoming these challenges, Rajashvi also consciously switched their entire packaging in Masaya while replacing plastic with biodegradable tissue, tape with brown tape and a biodegradable sticker, paper items made from recycled paper, and plastic mailers with recycled plastic mailers.

She feels that she’s working towards a better tomorrow while taking steps towards sustainable living. There’s immense joy in supporting and learning about so many local businesses that otherwise go unnoticed, their journey and their story which feels a lot more personal than the commercial brands. She believes to take expensive eco-friendly products as an investment. And says, slow living is a shift in perspective. It comes as a result of sustainability helping her appreciate the present.

Her way of making people believe in sustainable living is by sharing resources and knowledge through word of mouth. And, she uses Masaya Home’s social media to promote the lifestyle.

You can find her collection here: 

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