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From fashion maven to eco-conscious aromatherapist, read Ritu Arora's transformation on Brown Living's blog. Join her green journey now!

A fashion designer by profession & the founder of Aesthetic Living, Ritu Arora. She has taught in various Fashion Design Institutes for over a decade. And her start-up, Aesthetic Living launched in 2021 works around aromatherapy to design practical and aesthetic solutions in the aromatherapy range. 

Ritu’s tipping point is that people are looking for a simple and practical solution to the multiple issues being faced by her that fits into her routine, the majority of it turning into stress. And, while facing it herself she got fascinated with the world of Aromas as Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that utilizes the therapeutic properties of essential oils to promote physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. She also says that Aesthetic Living has been a journey of enlightenment for her. When she started living sustainably it gave her a new perspective towards the world. 

Getting the vendors to understand the quality that Shraddha was looking for has been one of the major challenges for her. Other ones were promoting chemical-free products & finding the right customers. While fighting these challenges she believes that finding the kind of partners that have the same ethos as hers is where she won.

She says that she believes in the power of nature. It inspires & rejuvenates. As she started leading a sustainable life her view of routine things changed a lot.

While talking about helping others switch to sustainable living Shraddha says that she intends to do that by leading examples. She’s a believer of every effort counts & when her kids see her doing that they already have an impact.

You can find her collection here:  

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