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Dive into the eco-conscious world of The Torchbearer Plogger, Rashmi Singh. Discover her impactful journey towards sustainability at Brown Living.

“Cleanliness is not a discipline. It’s an expression of love & regard for all who live around us.” - Sadhguru. Rashmi Singh, the Founder of Mumbai Ploggerss is a true believer in this quote. She cleans the hills, pons, and beaches of Mumbai while jogging or trekking! 

Rashmi was a Teach for India Fellow at Govandi a community with the oldest dumping ground. Its proximity to her students’ residence has many ill effects on her students’ health. She says that it is the ‘why’ of throwing waste where the reality lies.

She says her sustainable journey is all about reducing, reusing, and recycling her waste and preaching to others through Mumbai Ploggerss. Although there were a good amount of obstacles in her sustainable journey. A couple of them stated by her is that she struggles to find recycling units near her location & another one is finding sustainable products.

She says that meeting like-minded people who had directed her to more sustainable options & who made her aware of sustainable events like Echoes of Earth, helped her overcome those obstacles. 

Living sustainably can be easy on the pocket sometimes, she believes. Because, as we go further in our journey towards sustainable living we will get to know that we can reuse our waste & turn it into wonderful natural cleaners.

With an inclination to spread awareness about sustainable living, Rashmi might organize workshops. She’s also trying each type of content on her social media handles to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

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