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Unveiling Nivedha Vignesh: A Designer's Vision for Healing Through Sustainable Fashion. Explore her inspiring story on Brown Living's blog.

Meet Nivedha Vignesh, the Founder of Tintory, a sustainable clothing brand.

Nivedha says her awareness about the negative impact of human activities on earth was her changing point. Continuing with sharing her personal sustainable journey she says that being responsible & conscious about her routine has helped her better her lifestyle while creating an unmatchable feeling of satisfaction.

While addressing the challenges she mentioned how big of a task it is to find sustainable alternatives to routine products along with influencing people around to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. Also, facing peer pressure at parties & gift forms while explaining her choice has been a big challenge for Nivedha.

Learning to be firm is Nivedha’s way of facing challenges. While she’s getting a sense of happiness knowing that she’s nurturing nature with her living, no matter how small her actions may be. She also stated that sustainable living has benefitted her health as she’s consuming organic food & wearing organic clothes has healed her skin.

Nivedha is willing to help others live sustainably by encouraging others to choose organic food & also by teaching the concept of reusability and upcycling. She is already doing her bit by taking workshops in schools about sustainable clothing.

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