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Revolutionize waste management with Brown Living's innovative collection services. Learn about their sustainable approach to creating a cleaner future on their blog. Most of the time, waste management is symbiotic with recycling. While zero-waste living is an aspirational goal for most of us, it may not always be possible. No matter how hard we may try, waste generation is a naturally resultant factor of our lifestyles. Thankfully, there are now enough services to help you manage your waste responsibly. Be it household waste, e-waste, or even medical waste, such services help you dispose-off your waste effectively, without adding pressure to the environment. Below, you can find a list of waste management services for your city of residence, based on your needs. 

Mumbai, Maharashtra


A pan-Mumbai waste management service, ReCircle provides door-to-door pick-up services for waste collection. Besides ensuring proper disposal, they also supply recyclables to the right sources for processing. If you are in Mumbai and want to look for a waste collection centre near you, download this file to see all pin codes covered by ReCircle in Mumbai.

Website | Email | Contact: +919004240004. 


This waste management organization works towards transforming waste into utilizable resources. They engage with waste pickers actively to help reduce GHG emissions and pollution caused by waste. 

Website | Email | Contact: +919920113470 or +912241209120.


This organization helps provide zero-waste solutions to other organizations and also conducts several sustainability workshops. They are aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the founder Divya is herself known for producing less than 100 grams of waste from her home, per year! 

Website | Email 



Led by founder Bharti Chaturvedi, this waste collection and management organization from New Delhi aims at promoting sustainable growth for all with their operations, by working in line with the UN’s sustainability goals. They also work actively to prevent the exploitation of the waste pickers of Northern India. 

Website | Email | Contact: +911129842809 or +911146574172 or +911146574171.

Nationwide Waste Management Services

As the name suggests, this Delhi-based organization is an all-India waste management service provider, specializing in corporate clients. They offer end-to-end services for compliant waste segregation, food waste processing, storage, collection, recycling & disposal with certification. 

Website | Contact: +911141679330.

Bangalore, Karnataka

Saahas Zero-Waste

A holistic waste-management company, Saahas works towards creating a zero-waste economy by collecting and managing both e-waste as well as household, industrial and commercial waste. Primarily a Bengaluru-based organization, they also have operations in Mumbai, and regional offices in Goa, Hyderabad & Chennai. 

Website | Email | Contact: 1800-258-6676.

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