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Discover how medical waste management services can reduce the environmental impact of healthcare facilities with Brown Living's innovative solutions.

Pollution from single-use masks & gloves has been growing and the spread of infections from improper disposal of medical waste is also a cause of concern. The current pandemic we face has made it more than clear that effective medical waste management is not just the need of the hour, but also a steady practice required to ensure all-around safety and sustainability.

Below is an India-wide list of services and organizations that specialize in the management of medical waste: 

All-India Services

SMS Envocare Ltd

Located in all major cities of India, this organization has common ‘Biomedical Waste Treatment and disposal’ facilities at Mumbai, Delhi, Nasik, Aurangabad, Lucknow, and Raipur. They deal not just in large-scale private hospital waste but also collect medical waste from small clinics & government hospitals. 

Website | Email | Contact: +917127125000. 

Synergy Waste Management Group

One of India’s leading organizations, SWM is an award-winning waste management company that has catered to over 8,000 hospital beds and 10,000 healthcare establishments with 100% sustainable and earth-friendly operation models.

Website | Email | Contact: +911127933371 or +911127933381 or +911127933382.

Contribute to our Change Makers list & help us make it more efficient:

  1. If your city may not have been covered under any service - Contact the multiple nationwide services mentioned in this guide, to help meet your requirements OR  email us here.
  2. If you want to help citizens lead a more actively sustainable life, email us here with your suggestions of similar services available in your city or PAN-India.
  3. If you are a sustainable service, based anywhere in India and would like to be featured in our Change Makers section, share your details with us here
  4. Lastly, if there are any more services you want to see added to the ‘Changemakers’ section, we’re glad to receive inputs that may help us refine our lists. Simply comment below or email us here

Let’s strive to grow together, enable large-scale sustainability & work towards the collective dream of a greener planet! 

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