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Uncover the world of natural living with Ankita Thadani, an advocate for sustainable choices. Dive into eco-friendly insights and inspiration at Brown Living.

Ankita Thadani, the founder of Secret Alchemist believes in the synergy of mind, body & soul. And, she has put the same belief at the center of her company, Secret Alchemist. At Secret Alchemist they champion holistic wellness and self-care through metamorphic Aromatherapy. Synergy helps them design each product to evoke an oasis of serenity and harmony within; Awakening your senses, Healing your body, and bringing balance to your state of mind.

Ankita has been passionate about Natural living and strives to empower the world by sharing with them nature’s healing elements for the mind, body & soul. So, she along with her co-founder thought of using their passion & creating their mindful handcrafted products that aim to bring balance to the contemporary lifestyle.

She picks up a few among the many obstacles she faced. One of these is finding vendors who not just only sell sustainable materials but also believe in the concept of sustainability. Also, to go sustainable your cost increases which is why the products become more expensive. And, finding eco-friendly packaging is itself a task but the bigger challenge is rains as the paper boxes turn wet. Except for everything, the fact that their products come in glass packaging has been a huge challenge for them as there’s always a fear of breaking that glass.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with challenges. But, in a company such challenges can’t be dealt with alone. And Ankita says that’s what she has been grateful for. Secret Alchemist has a team full of hard work that follows with hours of dedication which is the reason they can overcome those challenges.

She says that sustainable living has made them more responsible for the Earth. It generates a sense of accountability along with the vision of a healthier future. As a result of this, they have collaborated with another company & they plant 150 trees every month.

Ankita believes that the way to help others live sustainably is to align people with their thought processes.

Summing up she says “Everything inspires rejuvenation and relaxation in today’s fast-paced world, from hair products to skin. Our products are handcrafted with precision, are fresh to order, and are holistically tailored to your needs.”

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