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Alokya is a brand that promotes sustainable living and Indian folk arts and crafts. Simran Kedia, the Co-founder of the brand says that they share information about the brand’s products & values to raise awareness about sustainability. Here, she means practicing mindfulness with whatever the customers are consuming.

She says that Alokya’s goal is to provide a range of hand-crafted artisanal products that are socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and sustainable while being unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Simran’s journey of practicing a sustainable life started way before. She was the child every parent would wish for. Since childhood, she has been mindful of electricity & water. She would go around switching off all the lights, even at a hotel, or won't leave the water dripping. 

While being mindful about such small things Simran faces big challenges in her brand’s journey. One common challenge faced by every ecopreneur is finding affordable sustainable materials. Also, a big challenge is spreading awareness of that level when people give thought to adopting sustainable practices.

Another one that is very common but is talked about very less is overcoming the convenience of unsustainable options. It’s very easy to slip in & continue your lifestyle & businesses. But sticking to sustainability when you have a convenient option is what the whole fight is about. 

Additionally, the problems they faced while launching were:

  1. Getting sustainable raw materials.
  2. Sustainable and durable packaging options.
  3. Managing the cost while choosing sustainable alternatives

If there’s a problem there’s a solution as well. Simran researched and found affordable sustainable products that met her standards for quality. She also found sustainable packaging that suited her products & quality standard. She did not just find the solution but also helped others by explaining the rewards sustainable habits have.

While going a step ahead in her personal sustainable journey she started traveling with sustainable travel products with her. Also, adopting sustainability in her diet she has noticed improvements in her health and well-being, such as better skin and improved digestion. Also, living sustainably has given her a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. She believes sustainability is not about buying sustainable products but it is also about finding creative solutions for the need of the hour.

“To help others live sustainably, we intend to share our knowledge through various means such as social media, blogs, and workshops. I believe that educating people on the benefits of sustainable living and providing them with practical tips and tools can empower them to make more sustainable choices.” - Simran Kedia.

You can find her collection here:

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