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Discover Aditi Jaisinghani's journey from conscious employee to greenpreneur, inspiring change for a sustainable future. Read her story at Brown Living.

“The way we see the world determines the way we live our lives” is a quote by Mathew Kelly that truly reflects in Aditi’s story. She was always into styling, social media, content creation, etc. She always wanted to create something of her own. And all of her internships, and work experience were an inspiration in some way or the other. But working in a sustainable brand she realized how much the fashion industry is contributing to pollution.

The amount of carbon footprint being released, the workers working in such poor conditions, surrounded by toxins and chemicals, the amount of plastic being used by brands in packaging and other activities and so much more. All these things made her realize how important it is to switch towards sustainable living to contribute to the fashion industry in the sustainability zone. 

Now they can call themselves part of the solution and not the pollution. With ‘Tyas’, Aditi & her sister launched the brand that focuses on the details of designs & embroidery. Locally made clothing, which narrates modern silhouettes, while focusing on Artisanal Textiles and Minimal standouts. From the fabrics to the packaging, sustainability is the key!

Aditi believes that the road hasn’t been smooth. A few of the many challenges are sourcing affordable fabrics, spreading awareness amongst people about sustainability, justifying the cost, catering to a larger audience being a small business & explaining the core of the brand. A bigger challenge is sourcing organic textiles as people are still not aware of what these fabrics are. 

“Although it hasn't been a smooth road facing these challenges in the end it all depends on the thought process of the person.” is what Aditi believes. She says that people who are aware of the concept of slow living, sustainability, and eco-friendly products- understand their thought process and brand easily.

The journey started when I was working with a sustainable brand & the idea struck. After researching for a good 3-4 months they kickstarted. While being aware of the damage and the pollution that causes to the environment, they took a path that was a little harder. 

She says that sustainable living has benefited immensely in terms of contributing towards the environment, reducing the carbon foot footprint, supporting local vendors, and brands, moving towards organic stuff, cutting down the harmful chemicals, creating a fair trade community, and all the small steps we take in our day to day activities and also incorporate at our brand.

Ultimately, it does make you super good knowing you are contributing to the planet and the environment in your own way.

You can find her collection here:

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