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Mayank Sinha, Founder of Fabclo, is a marketing professional with fifteen years of experience at various big companies like TOI, Moserbear, Parker & now Fabclo. Fabclo is his own sustainable fashion brand that has different designs of organic cotton t-shirts for him & her.

Mayank always had this big inclination towards fashion. He has really been interested in fashion for a long time. But, when he got to know that the clothes he’s wearing contribute so much to water pollution & degradation of our planet he thought of starting his sustainable fashion brand.  He quotes “Working towards making sustainability not just a statement but a lifestyle principle.”

Apart from being an Entrepreneur, there are a few other big challenges to be stated, Mayank feels. He says that the journey has already begun to feel like a roller coaster ride. Making people understand the cost & the reason for buying from any sustainable brand rather than a fast fashion brand is one of the biggest tasks, he feels. Another one is that there’s a lack of established platforms to promote sustainable brands. He is of the view that if there are organized forums for sustainable brands then they all will learn & grow together.

A small change in buying patterns can definitely go a long way is what he realized after getting to know about the carbon footprints fast fashion brands create. And, there’s a gradual shift he feels as he sees sustainable businesses growing over time. He says it gives him immense joy & satisfaction every time an order is dispatched. As he can clearly see the shift other than the increasing sales

For the planet, he would want more people to understand the concept of sustainability which he’s trying through his brand by spreading awareness. And, he’ll keep trying to have more options of materials for everyone out there.

He has got a tip for all the Greenpreneurs “Building a brand in the sustainable genre is slow & requires a lot of patience.” 

You can find his collection here:

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