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Explore the eco-awakening of Haritha Jayanthi, from teaching environmental science to creating sustainable solutions.

Practicing what she preaches is an introduction to Hairtha Jayant’s way of working. Hairtha Jayant, the founder of the home-grown label UberShack Saastva promotes eco-conscious along with providing sustainable solutions in the form of merchandise made out of ocean-sourced plastic. 

She’s an Environmental Science educator which has its own pros. One being that she knows the effects of carbon emissions & usage of non-biodegradable waste. She has had the privilege to engage directly with learners & teach them the importance of being socially responsible by providing opportunities to understand the importance of nature, sustainability, and the impact on climate change.

Limited resources or limited options in the sustainable industry is one of the biggest challenges, Haritha feels. Affordability being another one that is a reflection of limited resources. Even lack of awareness in people acts as an underlying challenge for any ecopreneur out there. Haritha says that there’s no motivation to switch to sustainable products, this will take time.

Switching to sustainable living, Haritha hopes to transform her knowledge into actions & solutions. She believes that her sustainable journey led her on a path of self-discovery. She creates awareness through her startup & works towards the circular economy. She believes that with credible sources promoting zero waste & sustainable solutions there’s a slow change happening. Sustainable living helped her to reduce her own carbon footprint giving her a sense of accomplishment and motivation to do more towards the planet.

She started her teaching journey to create awareness amongst children towards environment. Also, a hope that young learners can apply this knowledge in the future.

You can find her collection here:

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