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Step into the eco-friendly realm with Hansika Chhabria. Explore her experiments in sustainability and visionary support for a greener planet.

Wearing multiple hats at her brand, Hansika Chhabria founded One Less. It is a conscious clothing brand aiming to make sustainability a part of an individual’s routine lifestyle. From being the creative director to the operations manager, Hansika does it all.

She believes one small step in the right direction is better than nothing. She focuses on progress rather than perfection. Motivated by a desire to live a more conscious and mindful lifestyle, where she is aware of the impact of her actions and choices on the world around her. By choosing a sustainable lifestyle, she can align my values with my actions and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Highlighting the basic yet the most complex challenge, Hansika says that inconvenience in sustainable products & services rules over everything else for a customer as well as an Ecopreneur. Because sustainable choices require more effort to implement than unsustainable alternatives. Other challenges include a lack of information about what is a sustainable choice, social pressure to conform to unsuitable habits, limited availability of sustainable products & changing unsustainable habits which requires tons of discipline. She says finding sustainable products in a few areas is tougher, especially at an economic price.

Starting small & focusing on making one or two changes at a time is what she believes in along with staying positive and focusing on progress rather than perfection. She’s a go-getter in this way when it comes to solving. A fearless ecopreneur who’s experimenting with her approaches.

She believes sometimes the best solutions come from unexpected places

Living sustainably has developed a sense of purpose, Hansika says. She works towards a greater goal of reducing her environmental impact. She also feels that she feels more connected to the community, a sense of belonging, and opportunities for learning, sharing, and collaboration has prevailed in her mindset. Also, she has reduced her environmental impact, believing to help protect the planet and preserve natural resources for future generations.

She’s aiming to provide easily available & understandable information. Information that can help individuals make informed decisions and take action toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

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