From Witnessing Pollution in Punjab to Living a Sustainable Life: Jyotsna Jain's Mindful Journey - Brown Living™

Discover Jyotsna Jain's inspiring odyssey from pollution in Punjab to embracing a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle.

Jyotsna Jain's story is a testament to the power of finding a community and pursuing one's passion despite the challenges. Her experiences of witnessing the negative impact of the green revolution and plastic pollution in her community led her to become a sustainable lifestyle blogger and influencer. Despite facing challenges such as a lack of support, direction, and green work-from-home jobs, Jyotsna found her online community and pursued her passion for permaculture and food forest design.

However, she found her online community, did her PDC, and started working freelance as a permaculture and food forest designer, she unfollowed people and pages that spread green-washing, found her way around jumping from one thing to another, and realized she doesn't need outside validation or permission to do anything.

Living a sustainable life has significantly benefited Jyotsna. Not only has she been able to reduce her spending to 1/4, but she has also experienced the positive effects of using natural skin care and menstruation products.

"I am no longer facing rashes or reactions by using natural skincare and menstruation products, and having clearer thoughts and improved lifestyle and mindset", she says.

By pursuing her passion, Jyotsna has found a sense of purpose and clarity of thought that has improved her overall lifestyle and mindset.

Jyotsna plans to create a well-rounded series of online and offline courses related to zero-waste living, permaculture, and natural building, as well as having a YouTube channel and blog around the same. She also wishes to collaborate with and promote brands that believe in minimalism and sustainability. Follow Jyotsna on Instagram and YouTube @MindfulSavers to learn more about sustainable living and get inspired to make a positive change in your own life.

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