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Join Kishina Daruka on her quest for eco-friendly alternatives. Learn why multi-use is better than single-use for a sustainable lifestyle. Explore more at Brown Living.

Kishina's sustainable journey has not only helped her reduce her carbon footprint but has also led to several positive outcomes. Her organic and sustainable brand, ORA, has gained popularity amongst consumers who are becoming increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment. Kishina's approach toward sustainability has also helped her reduce her expenses as she prioritizes quality over quantity.

However, Kishina is aware that sustainable living is not always easy, and that there are challenges along the way. One of the biggest challenges she faces is the lack of sustainable alternatives for some products, which is a common issue in the industry. Despite this, Kishina has found creative ways to overcome this challenge, such as maximizing the utility of products and reusing plastic packaging.

"I have learned to ignore what people have to say about your choice of clothing and style. As not everything has an alternative, I have learned to maximize the utility of products and find ways to provide an afterlife to it. Reusing plastic packaging or storing it for recycling. Choosing to shop based on necessity and if the product brings me joy, allowing me to declutter and live consciously.", she says.

Kishina has also been exposed to people joking about her choice of repeating clothes and hearing things like "Don't you have other clothes?". However, she believes that educating people about the importance and benefits of living sustainably can help change their mindset. Through her brand, she hopes to inspire others to adopt a similar lifestyle and make informed choices.

If you're interested in learning more about Kishina's journey, you can follow ORA on Instagram at @oraorganicsindia. You'll find information about their product offerings, tips on sustainable living, and updates on Kishina's journey.

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