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Aparna Sharma's sustainable fashion journey - inspiring change for a greener world. Learn how she's making a difference!

Meet Aparna Sharma – an Unstoppable Changemaker Making Waves in the World of Circular Fashion
Hailing from Delhi, India, and Bangkok, Thailand, Aparna Sharma is leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of circular fashion with her work.

A freelance writer, she uses her monthly column and Instagram account (@stylishsuitcase) to raise awareness of the link between fast fashion and climate change. A climate protest in Bangkok in 2018 was her tipping point and since then, she has switched to a plant-based diet and made other changes to her lifestyle.

Despite challenges such as government subsidies not favoring climate-positive materials and social media promoting unsustainable content, Aparna has found sustainable solutions such as meditating, joining a weekly climate run, and creating fun videos to encourage circular fashion.

"I try and create fun and positive videos to encourage more people to engage in a circular fashion. I share a lot of videos on swapping clothes and styling in a sustainable way. I really enjoy creating these videos. Fortunately, both my daughters have been very understanding and it has been relatively easy to influence them to make sustainable choices. My older daughter had her first prom recently and she said, "Mommy, I hope I can find something in your wardrobe, all my friends are buying something new, I don't want to buy a new dress", she adds.

Living sustainably has helped her connect with the earth and declutter her life from mindless consumption. She also practices meditation a lot more now, and lives by her mantra - "I truly believe world peace begins with me and if I want to advocate for a better planet, I have to stay positive. I have joined a weekly climate run and we discuss multiple issues after the run it has also given me an opportunity to meet like-minded people. I sign petitions and do whatever I can to influence government decisions".

She would love to encourage others to live sustainably through her articles and social media presence. Follow her journey on Instagram: @stylishsuitcase.

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