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Join Richa on a sustainable journey at Brown Living – turning reclaimed wood into stylish home essentials. Explore eco-friendly living with waste-to-value craftsmanship

Richa Jain is an unstoppable changemaker who is making a difference in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

As Chief Impact Officer at RP Plastic Industries, she realized that recycling alone is insufficient was her tipping point. She recognized that in order to safeguard our planet, we must transition to sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives.

Richa started curating home essentials made of wood, much of which is reclaimed from the waste of furniture industries, to support the local economy and make a wider switch from plastic products. She is now the proud founder of Think Earth, a lifestyle brand that curates and creates handcrafted home decor and essentials.

"I started looking for eco-friendly alternatives and realized China has taken over the Indian market with its cheap plastic products which is not just causing harm to the environment but also impacting our local artisans. Hence, to support the local economy and make a wider switch from plastic products, I started curating home essentials made of wood (much of which is reclaimed from the waste of furniture industries)", she adds.

Her sustainable journey demonstrates that one switch at a time can lead to a promising future. However, she faced challenges such as the availability and demand for cheap plastic products, packaging, creating awareness of alternative materials like metal and wood, creating niche products, and pricing. Despite these challenges, Richa's determination and support from the community have helped her stay motivated and fight for the greater good.

Through her sustainable lifestyle, including using a menstrual cup, glass/metal bottle + straws, and reusable bags, Richa has largely benefited from a sustainable life. She also wants to help others live sustainably by raising awareness through workshops and providing sustainable alternatives. 

You can find her collection here: 

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