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Discover India's top recycling services & learn about the importance of sustainable living. Read about e-waste recycling, plastic waste management & more on Brown Living's blog. Growing environmental awareness and personal accountability has led to the rise of several recycling start-ups and services in India. From household products to consumer goods, some services help recycle all kinds of waste.

Below, is a city-wise list, highlighting some of many that you can get in touch with for your recycling needs:

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The Recycling Company (Threco)

Specializing in assisting corporations and societies with their recycling needs, they recycle all kinds of waste, including E-waste. 

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +919820622802.

Recycle Karo

Be it plastic waste, paper, furniture, metal waste, batteries, or e-waste, this Navi Mumbai-based company recycles it all! In fact, they have set up India’s first and only Lithium batteries recycling plant! Now grown into a PAN-India service, they also hold a presence in Pune, Delhi, Chennai & Bangalore.  

Website | Email | Contact: +919967310007 or +912241231340.


Specializing in E-waste, this Mumbai-based company is India's first and leading professional E-waste Management Company. They provide multiple services relating to e-waste to MNCs, educational institutions, and more. Expanding their pan-India network gradually, They and also have e-waste drop points all over Mumbai! 

Website | Email | Contact: 1800-102-1020.


Green-o-Tech India

With a primary headquarter in Delhi, Green-O-Tech India is a recycling company that helps recycle all kinds of consumer waste, such as paper waste, plastic waste, wooden waste, and more! They also have a presence in Hyderabad & Bangalore.

Website | Email | Contact: +917840024848 or +917840034848.

Bangalore, Karnataka


A Bangalore-based company, Trashin is an integrated service provider that collects, segregates, manages, and recycles waste. They have worked with organizations like Ultratech Cement, ITC, & more! So far they have diverted almost 8000 tonnes of waste from landfills! 

Website | Email | Contact: +9180888 75641.

Prakruthi Recycling

Being the tech hub of India, it is natural that the demand for e-waste recycling is high in Bangalore city. Prakruti recycling specializes in just that! From data wiping to collecting e-waste, they are a certified one-stop. 

Website | Email | Contact: +918029559292. 

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Global Waste Recyclers Ltd

This Chennai-based paper recycling organization specializes in collecting paper waste from both households as well as corporate companies. Paper waste makes up almost 25% of landfill waste, and they work towards reducing this environmental pressure by diverting and recycling it effectively. 

Website | Email | Contact: +914428413401 or +914428413402 or +914428413403 or +914428413404.

Paperman Foundation

With an impressive waste collection network that is driven by their mobile app, Paperman foundation connects locals to small & medium waste collectors. Besides being active recyclers (they have recycled almost 100,000kgs of waste!), they also work towards holistic sustainable development by promoting local livelihood and creating grassroot awareness campaigns. They also have an operations network in the USA! 

Website | Email

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Recycling Hub

Based out of Gujarat but operating pan-India, this recycling company is a holistic service that recycles all kinds of waste and is a Pollution Control Board authorized waste recycler. From industrial to plastic, paper & metals, their operations are large-scale and highly organized. 

Website | Email | Contact: +917624005444 or +917948000400.

Kolkata, West Bengal

Vital Waste

This Kolkata-based company operates city-wide to collect all kinds of consumer waste, including e-waste. They work towards recycling and repurposing, with an aim towards 100% landfill diversion. 

Website | Email | Contact: +913366064288.

J S Pigments Pvt Ltd

Claiming to be India’s first E-waste management initiative, JS Pigments is another Kolkata-based, but nationally operating service. They also specialize in metal waste recycling.

Email | Contact: +918017547204.

Hulladek Recycling Private Limited

A formalized e-waste management company, Hulladek is an all-India service based in Kolkata. Not only do they collect and recycle waste, but also provide certifications to their clients.

Website | Email | Contact:1800-212-7880 (Toll Free). 

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Hey, You can also add for Chandigarh there is company named as Scrapbuk services pvt. ltd. Who collects any type of solid waste from your door step and pays you accordingly.
For more details you can contact


Recycling services are a great way for many people to get rid of their extra materials that may not serve any purpose anymore. People can recycle any number of things including paper, plastic, metal, glass, and cardboard.


Recycling Services are a must for any eco-friendly household. There is so much you can do to help the environment with these little things, and it’s really easy too! Read more:

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