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Learn how Brown Living's composting services are making a positive impact in India. Discover their innovative approach to waste management and community support.

Composting is one of the best ways of managing your biodegradable kitchen waste. So many daily items that we usually discard without a second thought, can actually be converted to fertile compost. Not only does it help achieve holistic sustainability, but also helps break the chain of vast waste generation.

Below, are some pan-India composting services, that help you turn your household and/or societal waste into compost: 

Mumbai, Maharashtra


As mentioned earlier, they are a holistic waste management company, also providing composting solutions to housing societies

Website | Email | Contact: +919920113470 or +912241209120. 

RUR Greenlife

Another holistic waste management organization, Rur also has a separate ‘Bio-composting’ service, which helps you with your composting needs while also ensuring that you eventually become self-sufficient with the process. They work with households, societies, schools, and organizations too. 

Website | Email |  Contact: +919326093543 or +919322456789 +919326093543.


Clean India Ventures

This composting service organization was founded to complement the principles of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. Besides providing waste management solutions to societies, governmental organizations, corporates, etc, they also undertake tree plantation and similar eco-conservation initiatives. They operate with high-quality technology and have compost bins of various sizes and capacities. 

Website | Email | Contact: +919871692007.

Bangalore, Karnataka

Daily Dump

A Bangalore-based design-led company, Daily Dump is an India-wide venture that will help you convert your home & societal waste into fertile compost with effective home equipment & waste conversion methods. They helped save 56,802 kgs of daily waste up till 2020 & still counting! 

Website | Email | Contact: +919916426661 or +918041157311.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

My Green Bin

This Chennai-based organization has a wide network of all-India partners & has been one of the pioneers in bringing residential and commercial waste management organic composters into the Indian market. They focus on aesthetics and efficiency for residential complexes and commercial establishments and have created a niche for themselves in wet waste management. 

Website | Email | Contact: +914423781844 or +919500090619 or +919500090679.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


This Ahmedabad-based, PAN-India organization helps provide composting technology to various industries ranging from corporate organizations, building cities, hotels, and more. They provide services both in India and overseas and have a long list of clientele. 

Website | Email | Contact: +919727678804

Kolkata, West Bengal

Green Legion or Kolkata Zero-Waste Bazaar

A Kolkata-based non-profit organization, Green Legion helps create awareness around waste management. They can be contacted to come and educate your society or organization about ways of composting as well as assist you in setting up vermicompost bins. Contact them below: 

Facebook page | Contact: +919830130715 or +919836795352.

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  1. If your city may not have been covered under any service - Contact the multiple nationwide services mentioned in this guide, to help meet your requirements OR  email us here.
  2. If you want to help citizens lead a more actively sustainable life, email us here with your suggestions of similar services available in your city or PAN-India.
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Let’s strive to grow together, enable large-scale sustainability & work towards the collective dream of a greener planet! 

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