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Experience the fusion of innovation and tradition in Brown Living's collaboration with Hon. Speaker Rahul Narwekar. Empowering Maharashtra's artisans, one craft at a time.

Brown Living, a leading platform for sustainable living, has forged a dynamic partnership with the Hon. Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Shri Rahul Narwekar Ji. His visionary leadership is unwavering in its commitment to nurturing artisans and empowering youth, demonstrating his deep dedication to fostering positive change within communities.

The #WeaveTheChange Campaign was launched on National Handloom Day 2023, signifying the Hon. Speaker's acknowledgment of the vital role played by our skilled artisans in preserving our rich cultural heritage. This initiative aligns with the Hon. Speaker's unwavering commitment to uplift and digitize the artisan community, echoing the visionary ideals of our Hon. PM, Shri Narendra Modi Ji's #MadeInIndia and #DigitalIndia.

Hon. Speaker, Shri Rahul Narwekar Ji’'s dynamic leadership extends to inspiring the youth to embrace Khadi, a symbol of Indian heritage. He encourages the younger generation to wear Khadi proudly, not only as a fashionable choice but as a means to promote the legacy and ethos of our nation. This partnership thus embodies a multifaceted approach to heritage preservation and youth empowerment.

Watch the official announcement here:

This collaboration would not only enrich the artisan community but also contribute to the state’s economy and cultural richness. The intention is to create a vibrant and sustainable artisan community ecosystem in India, promoting robust supply chains, inclusive growth, and inherently sustainable practices with a focus on showcasing exceptional products with captivating cultural and creative storylines. 

"We believe that our aligned missions present significant opportunities for shared growth and impact. With the reach of the government and the resolve of Planet Positiv Foundation, we will use the Brown Living platform as a testing ground for the digitization journey", says Chaitsi Ahuja, Founder & CEO of Brown Living on launching this initiative.

Planet Positiv Foundation (a newly launched Non-Profit organisation by Chaitsi Ahuja) will play a pivotal role in reaching the grassroot level artisan communities, working with the Artisan community directly to aid the digitization and give the artisans of Maharashtra a voice, an identity and a story that will reach out across India.

 If you are an artisan

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Why is empowering artisans important?

Artisans play a crucial role in preserving traditional crafts and cultural heritage. However, many artisans face numerous challenges, including lack of recognition, limited market access, and unfair compensation. By empowering artisans, we can ensure the survival of these traditional crafts and support the livelihoods of these talented individuals.

How does Brown Living support artisans?

Brown Living is committed to promoting sustainable living practices and supporting local communities. Through their collaboration with Hon. Speaker of Maharashtra, Rahul Narwekar, they aim to create a platform that connects artisans with a wider audience. This platform will enable artisans to showcase their products, share their stories, and gain recognition for their craftsmanship.

What is the Planet Positiv Foundation?

The Planet Positiv Foundation is a newly launched Non-Profit organisation by Chaitsi Ahuja, that strives to promote sustainable living practices through awareness campaigns, supporting artisans in the handloom industry, and eco-friendly businesses. Our mission is to foster ecological balance and encourage innovation towards a circular and regenerative economy.


  • Empowering Artisans and Weavers for Community Development,
  • Enhancing Livelihoods through Sustainability Initiatives,
  • Promoting a Sustainable Lifestyle.


Bring a generational shift towards a collective consciousness of sustainable living is marked by responsible consumption, an environmentally-positive mindset, and a preference for locally-sourced products.


To empower India's artisan economy by cultivating self-reliance and encouraging responsible innovation. Through digital platforms, we will provide artisans and impact entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge, essential resources, and extensive networks. 


  • To raise awareness about sustainable living and responsible consumption.
  • To support the growth of artists, artisans, and small businesses that offer environmentally-sustainable products or services.
  • To promote ecological balance through reforestation and community development initiatives.
  • To foster innovation and facilitate the creation of a circular, sustainable, and regenerative economy.

Benefits of empowering artisans

Empowering artisans has numerous benefits, both for the artisans themselves and for society as a whole. By supporting artisans, we will:

  • Preserve traditional crafts and cultural heritage
  • Provide economic opportunities for artisans
  • Encourage sustainable and ethical production practices
  • Promote diversity and creativity in the marketplace
  • Enhance the overall well-being of artisans and their communities

How can you contribute?

As a consumer, you can contribute to the empowerment of artisans by making conscious purchasing decisions. Choose products that are handmade and support local artisans. By doing so, you not only get a unique and high-quality product but also contribute to the preservation of traditional crafts.

Additionally, you can spread awareness about the importance of supporting artisans and their crafts. Share their stories on social media, attend local craft fairs, and encourage others to appreciate the value of handmade products.

The way forward

The collaboration between Brown Living and Hon. Speaker is a significant step towards empowering artisans and preserving traditional crafts. By providing a platform for artisans to showcase their skills, this partnership aims to create sustainable economic opportunities and promote cultural heritage. As consumers, we have the power to support artisans and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse marketplace.

Together, we embrace our rich heritage, champion sustainability, and uplift Maharashtra's talented artisans. Join us in preserving our cultural legacy by embracing Khadi - a symbol of our identity and culture. Together, we bridge tradition and innovation, empowering communities for a brighter and inclusive future.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the Hon. Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Shri Rahul Narwekar Ji, for his unwavering dedication to the betterment of artisans and the youth. This partnership is a testament to his commitment to driving positive change and fostering sustainable practices in the state of Maharashtra and beyond.

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