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Poshte: Where nature meets skincare in a sustainable embrace. Join Sarah Raina on her journey to nurture skin & soul, redefining beauty with a connection to the earth.

Sarah Raina is not your typical CEO. Her story is one of courage, passion, and dedication. As the founder of Poshte, an all-natural well-being brand offering ayurvedic and aromatherapy solutions for skin and soul, Sarah is leading the way in sustainable living. With sincerity, compassion, commitment, and quality, she is helping to fight the odds and make a difference in the world.

Poshte means wishing something in abundance, and Sarah and her sister Jubilee Raina started this journey to bring well-being in abundance to their customers, society, and the environment. Their own personal need to find clean and effective skincare products that are not harsh on their skin or on the environment, and not another dose of toxins in and on their bodies, led them to manifest Poshte. Now, their whole family safely uses these products.

Sarah's journey since starting her sustainable lifestyle has been full of challenges, great amount of learnings, many failures, and a few but significant successes. Overall, it has been a very fulfilling journey so far. She has faced numerous challenges in her sustainability journey, including the lack of credible suppliers and vendors offering sustainable options, the high cost of staying sustainable as a brand, the time wasted in finding these vendors and managing costs, the higher price of the end products, and the difficulty of convincing and acquiring customers who are not yet aware of sustainability.

Overcoming these challenges has been an ongoing effort every single day for Sarah and her team. They have a sincere desire to help make a positive impact on the world, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. In the first six months of Poshte, they managed to work with well-known brands like Marriott and Hyatt, and they are continuing to expand their footprint.

Sustainable living has benefited Sarah's life in many ways. She feels good on a personal level, knowing that she and her team are making a small difference in the world. They have also participated in reforestation with Grow-Trees, which is their ode to Mother Nature from where all their products are derived. Sarah has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in sustainable living, and she is eager to share it with others.

Staying green and responsible has been the cornerstone of all Poshte's philosophies. They have many green practices incorporated from day zero. For example, they have seed paper thank-you cards for their customers, biodegradable mailer bags, glass bottles, and they work with Grow-Trees for reforestation and rural employment in the Kashmir valley. All their products are toxin-free and derived from nature. This is their way of bringing sustainability closer to everyone.

Sarah Raina is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. Her journey is a testament to the fact that with sincerity, compassion, commitment, and quality, anything is possible. She has overcome many challenges, and she continues to fight the odds every single day. Her goal is to help others live a sustainable life with the knowledge she has gained over the years living sustainably. Sarah and her team are leading the way in sustainable living with Poshte, and they are committed to making the world a better place, one product at a time.

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