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Food is the ultimate soul comfort. For those of us who follow low-waste living and sustainability, adopting the right kind of food is a big part of our lifestyle choices. When it comes to eating out and traveling, this sometimes poses a dilemma.

To help make your dining choices easier, below is a list of some truly organic, Earth-friendly, and low-waste cafes that follow the principles of sustainability and green eating:  

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Nude Food Cafe

This aesthetically pleasing Dadar cafe has vowed to do away entirely with food waste and reduce landfill pressure. It serves a wide range of continental cuisine while using earth-friendly cutlery and delivery mechanisms. They also turn their kitchen scraps into compost! 

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +919619121259 or +919820008382.

BirdSong Organic Cafe

Vegan-friendly and organic, Birdsong Cafe follows the principles of sustainability. All their bottles are made of glass and they only use bags & straws made of paper. They store their food in food-grade plastic to reduce the environmental impact of containers.

Instagram | Email | Contact: +919987675188.

The Bombay Canteen

Located in Lower Parel, The Bombay Canteen is a Parsi cafe that serves 'chintus' aka tiny proportions of chakna (snack), in bowls made from the leaves of plants like jackfruit and sal. The drinks served come with bamboo or steel straws, and stirrers that are made from sugarcane waste. They also ensure low-waste, green practices like reusing chickpea water and converting leftover potato peels into liqueur.

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +918880802424.

The Earth Cafe

This suburban cafe based in Bandra is a vegetarian establishment that serves dairy-free and gluten-free options. It follows the principles of holistic eating and has a wide menu to choose from.

Instagram | Email | Contact: +919619033393.

O Pedro

This Mumbai restaurant serves Goan food while focusing on low-impact practices. They aim to stay plastic-free by serving takeaway meals in packages made of sugarcane and sorghum.

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +917506525554.

The Pantry

Located in Kala Ghoda, this South Bombay cafe serves food that is fresh and sourced locally. They also ensure to use paper straws and bags wherever required. Their takeaway containers are made of bagasse and cornstarch. They also have a branch in Juhu.

Instagram | Contact: +912222007461.


GreenR Cafe

Located in Vasant Vihar, this eatery identifies itself as a community living cafe. Serving a range of vegetarian and vegan foods, they ensure that all the vegetables they source are organic.

Instagram | Email | Contact: +917042115117 or +918448568200.


CAARA café follows the principle: “Good for you. Good for tomorrow”, and serves healthy British and European dishes. Their produce is sourced from local organic farms and they even serve their own unique coffee blend.

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +919810204427.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Den: A Sustainable Cafe

Den cafe is located in C-Scheme and uses local, seasonal ingredients for cooking. They follow the ethos of sustainability by using traditional cooking techniques from around the world. They believe that traditional methods produce food that is healthy, tasty and also reduces the amount of waste produced.

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +918402059143. 

Tapri: The Tea House Cafe

Tapri tea house is a cafe that aims to use as much biodegradable and earth-friendly cutlery as possible. They also adopt traditional tableware such as Ramjaras, copper utensils, leaf bowls, and more. They also try to curb food wastage by only serving freshly cooked food.

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +917230023333 or +919166630501.

Bangalore, Karnataka

Eat Raja Juice Bar

This zero-waste juice bar, set up by RJ Raja is a waste-free and sustainable eatery. This cafe serves mom-cooked meals and turns all their wet waste into eco-friendly fertilizers and compost. They also conduct workshops on the same. They sell almost 100 liters of bio-enzymes per month and follow a policy of bring-your-own-bag. They also strive to leave no carbon footprints.

Instagram | Email | Contact: +917353078600.

Go Native

An eatery based on conscious living principles, Go Native not just serves organic food, but also engages Bengaluru residents in active dialogue and initiatives connected to the environment. They undertake activities like nature walks and workshops, teach communities to use natural dyes, seeds and ferns for printing, and always have similar activities in the pipeline.

Instagram | Email | Contact: +916360109470 or +919547271606.

Kolkata, West Bengal

Ubuntu Eat 

Founded by two environment activists, Ubuntu Eat is Kolkata's first 100% vegan cafe. All decor and items used in the cafe are either made from repurposed waste or using Earth-friendly materials. You can also join them for community discussions which often take place here.

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +918861657131 or +919330823020.

Mystic Yoga Cafe

This is a yoga studio cum organic cafe that soothes with its ambiance and fresh, organic menu. They also have an open kitchen and a display fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from.

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +919748649047.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Narsuvai Organic Kitchen

The restaurant serves traditional food and follows a farm-to-plate concept. The food is made using fresh organic vegetables, rock salt, and rice from their own farms in Nanillam. They also ensure to use sugarcane boxes for packaging and paper bags.

Contact: +919500107874.

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