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Best reusable for kids

Loved the product. Perfect for kids with adjustable yard. Great job. Keep up the good work👍

Quality product.

Nicely designed handles make it easy to use.


deducted one star because no handles are provided. will work great as a separate flower pot with porous material of planter and also as a beautiful flower pot cover

Perfect for carrying Beautiful comb

It has smooth edges and fits everywhere. Like the packaging and jute pouch

Pangolin backpack black

I chose this backpack for its versatility - it seemed like it could be used both everyday and for travel! It is a great design with maaany compartments and a sturdy backpack, with the flexibility to attach more things (like an extra pouch/bag or yoga mat). More importantly, it is sustainably and ethically made. These were my top priorities. However, it is not perfect (yet!), It is a little heavy and could be slightly narrower to enable versatility for everyday use. I flagged this to the Clan Earth team and they have taken my feedback into consideration already!
Brown living, thank you for your sustainable packaging (even the tapes!) and enabling reach to slow and sustainable businesses. I'm very very satisfied.

Quality was extremely poor . Cotton keeps coming out of the swab

Origami Buntings Orange Festive Lights

Good quality, soft toothbrush

This is the first bamboo toothbrush I have used with such soft bristles. Most others I have tried are quite rough. The tongue cleaner and toothbrushes are of good quality.

Tip of the bottle brush is not very effective

The base of the bottle does not get cleaned properly because of the weird tip.

Good quality comb

The comb is unexpectedly small becuase I asked the brand a questiom as to what us the length of the comb. They replied by saying its 19cm long, but it's a small travel friendly comb. I haven't checked the lenght but it could be approx. 12 to 15 cm. It arrived in very good condition with a jute pouch which u can carry around when travelling. I have no complaints of the size cuz ironically I am satisfied with it cuz it can fit in my bags nd purses along with the jute pouch.♡

Not so good.

Base is not broad enough, to hold the weight of the mobile.


How long will this cup last when washed daily?

Best dishwashing soap!

I have used two bars of this soap bought directly from Kamarakattu. The soap suds well and cleanses effectively. It's also gentle on the hands and do not dry it out unlike other dishwashing bars. It's hands down the best dishwashing bar I have used.

Bamboo toothbrush

Really enjoying using the product.

Jewelry Box for Women Wooden brown Carving design - MADE IN INDIA

Excellent masks

Love the quality of the product and the zero waste packaging is highly appreciated

Plastic Free Copper Tongue Scraper

Neem Wood Comb | Detangling & Shampoo Comb | With Reusable Jute Pouch

The best dry body brush in India.

It's perfect. Not harsh on the skin, completely sustainable and really ergonomic and well designed to be a sturdy dry brush.

Madhu Wrap (Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap) (Assorted- Set of 3 or 2 ) (Organic Fabric)

does its job!

Not a thick sheet of cork but made of two parts... an upper layer of cork and a lower layer, foam i think, for grip. Super light, too!

Premium jute and cotton yoga mat

Very easy process - and lovely product. Great for indoor use. Do you have a yoga mat for outdoor use?

Doesn't do the job

Even after applying quite a bit of it, I still had mosquito bites. It smells nice, but doesn't work.