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Neem wood Handle Comb - Pack of 1
Neha Janjale (Pune, IN)
Nice product

Very nice product with a wonderful finishing and packaging.

Handmade Dish Wash Soap Bar - Pack of 2
Joanna D'Costa (Mumbai, IN)
Great product

The lather is so soft, never come across that before. End results, squeaky clean utensils.


The product is very good, the only thing is, it would be nice if the pegs were more bigger with a wider opening. I usually clip my clothes on to hangers and put them up to dry. and some of the hangers are thicker.

Happiness Gift Bundle
Neha Jain (Los Angeles, US)
Great product!

My friend loved the gift !

Enhancing Hibiscus Hair Oil - 200mL
Akshay Kumar Chaturvedi (Kolkata, IN)

Enhancing Hibiscus Hair Oil - 200mL

Coconut Milk Soap (Best For Dry Skin)
Madhavi Menon (New Delhi, IN)

Coconut Milk Soap (Best For Dry Skin)

Review on soap bar for dry hair

The soap bar is really effective and I love it. It smells amazing and it did not feel too strong on my hair.

Dreamy Cloud Rainbow Bath Bomb
Sreeja Shaw (Lucknow, IN)
Tried to contact support team but the email address was not valid.

Horrible experience with trying to get support and contact you guys. The bath bombs were a total dud. I have a few videos that I can send if you guys wanna take a look.

The tshirt looks great. The quality however, i would rate a little low because of the tshirt got fuzz on it in 1 day itself.

Eco Birthday Gift Box
Sandhya Sriram (Bengaluru, IN)

Extremely happy with the product. I had ordered this hamper for my mom on her birthday.
She loved all its contents and said the quality is extremely good. A very good gifting option and that too its 100% eco-friendly!


Just paper wrap can break wooden comb

This is the perfect investment for a rucksack-bag hybrid

Ethically made, thoughtfully designed and sturdy. This is a great bag for people who need that extra space to be able to have your world on the go. The pockets are incredibly functional, made with overnight stays and trips in mind; it has none of the accessibility problems typical jholas and other large bags have, with zippers for ease of access, and its made with materials that won’t damage the environment for years to come. Its ideal for transitioning from work to travel. Haven’t had a chance to test the waterproof-ness yet, but thats another great thing to have.

Arden Minimal Wallet - Brown
Pooja Naik (Mumbai, IN)

Arden Minimal Wallet - Brown

Not satisfied

It was broken and all powdery when I received it. Highly disappointed

I loved the fact that it is 100% biodegradable.

I feel better that I won’t be adding on to the waste with yet another garbage disposal.
I did however find that the bag is not strong enough, hope to see any improvements that will solve this problem ☺️

Recycled Paper Pencils & Paper Pens Combo
Praneetha ND (Hyderabad, IN)
Eco friendly

Me, my family and colleagues are all loving the pens and pencils. They are super comfy, smooth writing. Only care to be taken is not using with wet hands and that's not a difficult task at all for us.

Good product

Nice and affordable

The bottle cleaner just doesbt work.

I am a big fan of coconut coir for cleaning utensils, I grew up in a household where this was the norm even in the early 90's, so switching back to it was super smooth. It was thus natural that I would try the bottle cleaner in time. Sadly it's design needs considerable work. It is too wide for several of the bottles I used it in, and got stuck. What was worse was that it's stiff design made it impossible for it to really reach parts of a bottle's interior the way I wanted it to. I ended up having to buy a second bottle cleaner (this time a flexible silicone one) soon after buying this. Have put the coconut bottle cleaner away for now, telling myself that it will come handy for cleaning out vases and other wide mouthed containers, but really, I don't need it for that.

Dreamy Cloud Rainbow Bath Bomb
Babita Kumari (Mumbai, IN)

Dreamy Cloud Rainbow Bath Bomb

Beeswax Moisturizer
Srabani Roy (Hyderabad, IN)
Great moisturizer

Very good for dry skin. Non sticky and light. Perfect!

Good product

Size is small. It would have been good value for money purchased

6 Layer Reversible Cotton Army Design Mask - Pack of 3


Mystic Hair Oil -200ml
Patrick Anand (Thane, IN)
Nice product

Well I am not the user but this is from my wife .. she felt this product is much better then the one she was using before ...the aroma and the texture of the oil it's self is better then the previous one

Classic Handmade Wooden 2 in 1 Ludo Magnetic Snakes and Ladders Travel Board Game