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EcoCushion Paper's journey unfolds with Varsha Agarwal at Brown Living. Embark on a sustainable adventure in this Earth-conscious narrative.

Varsha Agarwal, a co-founder of EcoCushion Paper, is on a mission to create a sustainable future by replacing single-use plastic packaging with eco-friendly alternatives. Her journey began with an unexpected circumstance – relocating her family from Delhi to Mumbai during the pandemic. She was shocked by the amount of plastic bubble wrap used in e-commerce orders and the lack of eco-friendly alternatives offered by packers and movers.

Agarwal’s desire to be the change she wished to see in the world led her to create EcoCushion Paper. Her start-up is dedicated to encouraging a shift from plastic packaging to sustainable solutions, and she is passionate about the potential for even the smallest of efforts to make a huge difference. Her aim is not just to be a traditional supplier, but also to be a change agent and partner with businesses to educate them about environmental concerns, provide value by protecting their products in transit, and enhance their brand value by adopting eco-friendly alternatives.

Since its launch in June 2021, EcoCushion Paper has faced many challenges. Agarwal and her team had to set up a manufacturing facility in Mumbai from scratch, in the middle of the pandemic. They also had to build a team during the second wave of Covid-19 and redefined family dynamics as co-founders. Additionally, they had to overcome the apprehension of customers who were used to using bubble wraps for decades and educate them on the benefits of their product. However, every small step was a milestone, and they overcame these challenges to eliminate almost 300,000 kgs of single-use plastic since their launch.

Agarwal believes that living sustainably is not as complex or tedious as it seems, and once people make the swap to eco-friendly alternatives, they will wonder why they didn’t do it earlier. She intends to use her knowledge and resources to help others who are willing to live sustainably by encouraging them to make simple swaps such as using eco-friendly earbuds or grocery bags. She believes that even the smallest of actions can make a huge difference in creating a sustainable future.

Agarwal’s sustainability journey has also benefited her life. With her purpose being her driving force, she treats small businesses seeking only one roll of EcoCushion Paper with the same respect, time, and effort as she does to a bulk business buying thousands of rolls. The value of what she does is in every meter of plastic she replaces with EcoCushion Paper. She has learned that by making a small effort to live sustainably, she can make a big difference in the world and help create a better future for generations to come.

Agarwal’s story is emotional, powerful, and thoughtful. It highlights the importance of taking action towards sustainability and the impact that even the smallest efforts can make. Her determination and passion to make a difference in the world have led to the creation of EcoCushion Paper, a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. As Agarwal continues to inspire others to live sustainably and create a better future, she reminds us that we all have the power to make a positive impact on the world.

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