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Having to buy tampons, pads, menstrual cups, and whatnot every time you get your periods is the most frustrating thing. Disposable period products generate a massive amount of waste and take a long time to degrade, having a negative impact on the environment. Consider switching to eco-friendly period products that will surely be a game changer for you as well as the environment. 

What is Sustainable period underwear and how are they different from traditional disposable products?

Sustainable period underwear is designed with antimicrobial absorbing and breathable layers. They are similar to normal underwear with a built-in pad in the form of thick layers of absorbent fabric and will surely be a game changer for you as well as the environment. They are reusable, washable, and can last for a long time when taken care of properly. 

Tampons, and pads, can contribute to a significant waste issue and can be uncomfortable. Unlike disposable products, sustainable period underwear is very comfortable. 

Advantages of Sustainable Period Underwear  

Better for the Planet

Choosing period underwear benefits your body as well as helps in contributing to a greener planet. It significantly reduces the amount of menstrual waste products that end up in landfills and their impact on the environment is long-lasting. 


Period underwear can help you cut down on monthly expenses in the long run and last for years with good care. Disposable products need to be repurchased every time and are very expensive. 


Sustainable period underwear is reusable. After washing them under cold tap water and then putting them in your washing machine. When taken care of properly, period underwear may last more than 2 years. 

Leak Proof 

Period underwear has absorbent layers and waterproof material that trap and lock the fluid preventing stains and leakage. 

Period Underwear Fit

Comfort is the foremost priority for any woman during their period. Tampons and pads cause irritation and discomfort. Although it will take a little time to adjust to it, period underwear feels just like wearing any other normal underwear, is less heavy than disposable products, and does not need to be constantly changed. Their designs give you a flexible choice to wear them under any type of clothing. 

The underwear has breathable layers which gives them extra comfort. Generally, they are made with a mix of bamboo, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Despite containing multiple layers, they fit close to the skin and feel lightweight. 


Women are more concerned about their menstrual hygiene, and the demand for period underwear is also increasing. This is also playing a significant role in ensuring a more sustainable environment. Period underwear is designed in such a way that provides a hygienic, easy, and comfortable way of getting through your period and taking care of yourself. 

Brown Living is the perfect place that provides eco-friendly sanitary products such as sustainable period underwear that are super absorbent making them leakproof, comfortable, prevents odor, reusable, washable in the machine, made from breathable antimicrobial fibers, and soft and sustainable.
Below is Brown Living's collection of sustainable sanitary care products:

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