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Plastic beverage accessories such as plastic kettles, drink strainers, and stirrers are made from polypropylene and low-density polyethylene and are cheap and thus used all around the world. With significant plastic production globally, a high percentage of it comes from these plastic beverage accessories. 

As far as paper accessories are concerned, they sure put a lesser burden on the environment, but are single-use, and thus recycling rate needs to increase in order to efficiently degrade these paper accessories. Plastic beverage accessories leach chemicals and microplastics into your food and the air that are harmful to your health and are not safe for humans as well as animals. 

Switching to Eco-friendly Beverage Accessories 

Rather than using plastic and single-use accessories for your drinks, try to incorporate environment-friendly products into your life. These not only contribute to the ecosystem and nature but also make foods safer to consume and benefit the users. Although eco-friendly beverage accessories may be on the expensive side, they come with added advantages and are a wiser choice for your lifestyle. 

Some sustainable beverage accessories are:

Reusable Coffee Filters: 

Coffee filters made from paper are single-use and although biodegradable, they are not a great option for regular use.  Cotton or hemp cotton filters can replace paper filters, as they are reusable and are a sustainable option. An altogether different option is to switch to metal or stainless-steel coffee filters that are much more durable and eco-friendlier. 


Rather than using plastic strainers for hot milk, tea, or coffee, switch to either cotton strainers and muslin cotton cloths or metal and steel strainers that help sustainability without having to cut back on your requirements. 


Plastic kettles leach chemicals that affect your health severely and often change the taste and quality of the liquid inside the kettle. Stainless steel and aluminium kettles are sturdy and durable under extremely high temperatures and do not cause a negative impact on one’s health. 

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Beverage Accessories


Although not biodegradable, metal accessories such as steel and aluminium kettles, and strainers are recyclable and have very minimal effect on the environment by reducing the generation of waste and thus are considered sustainable in the long term. 


Eco-friendly beverage accessories are a little on the expensive side but you save money in the long run. These products have higher durability and sustainability and do not have to be replaced frequently. 

Healthy Alternative: 

With eco-friendly accessories, you do not have to worry about your health. Being made from recyclable materials, they do not release chemicals and toxins in your food and air like plastic products. So, you can use these products without having to worry about any health risks to you and your family. 

Final Overview

So, start reducing your plastic and single-use beverage accessories consumption, and instead, choose reusable and environmentally friendly options with Brown Living, which is the perfect place to begin your journey towards a healthy and sustainable life.

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