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We’ll start by describing the term Gender Neutral Fashion. The clothes under gender-neutral clothing don't come with the label “for men” or “for women”. It is also a move towards the larger ideology that fashion is genderless; it is neither masculine nor feminine. It is often interchanged with Genderless Clothing, Non-Binary Clothing, Unisex Clothing, Unisex Fashion, Gender Fluid Clothing & a couple more.

Today, fashion is more interchangeable than ever, with men dressing in womenswear and vice versa. And India as a country has an interesting history of genderless clothing since the age of gods & goddesses. Evolving throughout the years’ Gender-Neutral Fashion has had a lot of benefits & reasons to indulge in.

Let’s look around 7 reasons to switch to Gender-Neutral Fashion:


Many times we are bounded by the styles or the options that are available for our gender. We don’t feel that the options available justify the need for our dressing up,the need for self-expression via clothing. Some of you women out there might want to always have a divider between the lowers. What we mean here is that some or rather a large chunk of women might not be comfortable in skirts, lehengas, sarees, etc. which do not have a divider between the thighs. Similarly, some men love to experiment with their clothing. Many of us want to SPEAK THROUGH OUR CLOTHES! By speaking through our clothes we mean the clothes that are our, an individual’s style, the clothes that make us feel confident.

And, Gender-Neutral Fashion is just doing that. For ages, the outfits of males & females have been distinguished in the whole world. When Gender-Neutral Fashion is hitting the trend (which is probably not a fad) let’s use it for the thing that we have been trying to dress for, Self-Expression!

It’s a Sustainable Statement

Genderless clothing is a major upside for siblings of similar age & partners that live together, and probably share clothing. It can serve as a capsule wardrobe because it consists of simple elements such as solid colors, minimalist screen prints, and everyday essentials.

Not only does gender-neutrality clothing celebrate individuality, but it also supports sustainability to manufacture less and use the clothes for a longer period.

As far as children are concerned, people can share Non-Binary Clothes in the family to avoid a vast array of children’s clothes in the household. This idea of gender fluidity clothing is a sturdy move toward a more circular economy as you can keep hold of these clothes for as long as possible. Indeed, it is better than selling or swapping.

The Variety

We are limited to the styles available for a particular gender. Hence the options & our emotions don’t match the clothes we are surfing or even buying.

Imagine widening these options to anything for everyone. Gender-Neutral Clothing is all about that. Like t-shirts, hoodies, oversized blazers, and jeans that are wearable for all genders. The genderless clothing comes in a variety of patterns & prints which can be worn by anyone. It helps people in selecting what truly suits them best & their state of mind!

Money Saved

A lot of money can be saved by sharing your wardrobes irrespective of the gender you share them with. Gender-Neutral fashion in India is not just about buying gender-neutral clothes but majorly sharing them. And, India as a country has been saving a lot of money practicing this for decades!

It’s The Future

The future is definitely Gender-Neutral Clothing. The pandemic played a big role in turning towards genderless clothes. People started wearing what made them feel comfortable, what made them feel themselves & they confidently picked becoming them.

Celebrities like Kid Cudi, Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, etc. started turning & making appearances in genderless clothing. Seeing a such shift in demand brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, PacSun, etc. started introducing their genderless clothing collection.

The Feeling of Security

We humans always long for the feeling of ‘home’. We try to find it in anything & everything. Be it another person, place, thing, or even clothes! When we say the feeling of ‘home’ what we really mean is feeling secure in some or the other manner.

Genderless clothing does not only provides a sense of comfort or security to both men & women but also to various other identified & unidentified genders who are already seeking a sense of security. Nothing better than a pair of your picked clothes that does not define your gender but does define your expression!

Made for Every Occasion

Gender-neutral clothes serve as the best type of clothing for every occasion. For informal gatherings and physical activities, gender-fluid clothing is an excellent choice. Thus, these clothes are a perfect fit for your wardrobe. All you need to do is pick one and be ready for the occasion without any hustle of pairing and coordinating patterns and colors. Gender-neutral shirts are the perfect example of apparel worn on different occasions.

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