How are Bumpadum cloth diapers different from traditional cloth nappies/langots tied around the baby’s bottom?

There is a world of difference between Bumpadum cloth diapers and traditional cloth nappies/langots.

  • Bumpadum cloth diapers are waterproof and do not create a mess when peed/pooped in. Each diaper holds for about 3 - 4 hours during day time without any leaks. This means it can be used both at home and when outside during shopping and traveling!
  • Bumpadum diapers can be used overnight for most babies without any additional insert. If your child is a heavy wetter, an additional booster insert placed below the insert will keep your baby dry overnight.
  • Bumpadum diapers keep your baby’s skin dry. The baby does not feel any wetness or discomfort. With Bumpadum Aviva diapers, you can use a fleece liner so that the baby feels dry.
  • Bumpadum diapers come in attractive and fashionable prints and can be color or print co-ordinated with baby’s outfit.

How do Bumpadum diapers compare with disposable diapers?

Bumpadum diapers have most of the pros of disposable diapers, with none of the cons. Bumpadum diapers are waterproof and keep the baby dry, just like disposable diapers. Bumpadum diapers last for 3 - 4 hours during day time, just like disposable diapers. 

The biggest difference is that once used, Bumpadum diapers would be washed and reused, whereas a disposable diaper would find its way to a landfill, adding to the garbage woes of the world. Yes, there is some effort involved in washing the diapers, but the effort is negligible when compared to the savings provided by Bumpadum cloth diapers - both economical and environmental.

How to fit a cloth diaper?

Getting the right fit with a cloth diaper is essential to avoid leaks and friction rashes on your baby's skin. While it is not rocket science, it often takes a couple of tries to get the fit right. Learn how to put on a diaper before you try it for the first time on your baby. You can even experiment on a soft toy to get a hang of it.

Here's a video that shows how to fit a Bumpadum diaper. While the video shows a Duet diaper, the method is similar for all our modern cloth diapers.

Please refer to this tutorial on how to get the fit right

How to wash cloth diapers?

  1. It is not at all difficult to wash cloth diapers
  2. Knock all solids into the toilet using a health faucet.
  3. Rinse out all the pee with cold water, and squeeze out excess water. Hang the rinsed diaper on the sides of a bucket so it gets air
  4. Pre-wash the dirty diapers on laundry day in the washing machine or by hand by using 1 teaspoon of detergent for about 10-12 diapers and agitating well. Discard this water before the main wash.
  5. Wash diapers in the washing machine or by hand with adequate water, detergent and agitation required for very dirty garments. If handwashing, soak for 30 mins before washing. Hand brush or bar soap should not be used. If washing in a machine, the washing cycle alone needs to be at least 30 mins. Do not use a quick cycle.
  6. Use a detergent that is free of fragrances and additives such as fabric softeners, optical brighteners etc. Using disinfectants is not recommended.
  7. Rinse twice and spin dry

How long can I use Bumpadum cloth diapers?

Bumpadum cloth diapers can be used more than 150 times over your baby's diapering years if washed and maintained as recommended. If maintained well and used gently, each diaper can be used for more than one baby.

Are cloth diapers bulky? Will they affect growth milestones?

As long as you choose the right rise and waist settings and follow our fit tutorial shared at the bottom, a Bumpadum diaper will not look bulky. You can use any regular clothing that you use for your baby. Of course, you need to choose the right size diaper as per weight recommendations.

In case of babies < 6 months, the diapers may look slightly bulky, but will not affect any motor milestone of your baby such as turning over, sitting and standing. Younger babies naturally keep their legs apart at the thighs, and wearing cloth diapers is not going to affect your baby's growth in any way.

In anecdotal evidence from our customers, babies who have used our cloth diapers have either met or exceeded expectations in reaching all milestones.

Having said that, all cloth diapers will look slightly bulkier than disposables because we use layers of cloth to absorb liquid instead of chemicals.

Are cloth diapers hygienic?

Yes, cloth diapers are hygienic when they are washed in our recommended wash routine and dried in a well ventilated area. Washing by hand or machine thoroughly, using a strong detergent, rinsing in water before wash are all steps that help keep your diapers hygienic.

If there is any pee/poop residue on the diapers, you will face rashes on your baby's skin, which makes it essential to follow the right wash routine and ensure that the diapers are 100% clean before reuse. 

Do babies feel wet in cloth diapers? Are they comfortable?

Our diapers are lined with a fabric called microfleece, which doesn't let any wetness remain next to your baby's skin. As a result, the baby feels as dry as wearing a disposable diaper. We use a premium microfleece spun from a yarn that does not use any chemicals to achieve the stay-dry effect, unlike other microfleece/microsuede fabric which lose their performance after 60-70 washes. Microfleece is a synthetic fabric.