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This blog was originally posted on Soror Edit on September 19 2021.

Chaitsi Ahuja founder at Brown Living

I'm a social entrepreneur who truly believes that the common good trumps self-interest. I also believe that if we can change the way we consume today, it is possible to delay the adverse effects of climate change and global warming. I wanted to make these changes easily accessible to consumers today and help them to reduce the individual impact of human consumption on Climate Change. This led me to create Brown Living - India's 1st Plastic-free & Chemical-free online marketplace for all things sustainable.
I have successfully launched the website to help Indians make a switch to sustainable living. We have created jobs for over 200 artisans for their craft and 180 people from rural tribes who work in our plantations. So far, from our profits, we have planted 1800+ trees in the process in 8 regions in India and the reduced plastic footprint for 20,000+ consumers just in 18 months. We have reduced 36,000 kgs of CO2 per year and growing.
In my corporate career, I have worked specifically towards driving Business Growth enabled by Technology. I have 7+ years of experience in Business Strategy, Marketing, Digital, Automation, Technology Integration, and Experiential Marketing.
Personally, I'm always on the lookout for understanding human behaviour and the science behind decision-making. I'm curating best practices and developing strategies for Sustainability, both in business and in everyday life, and am very passionate about sustainable design, circular economy, and zero waste living and would love to collaborate with people working in this space.
I'm a vegan and a plant mom, constantly discovering new ways of living sustainably and finding alternatives to plastics and chemicals used in everyday products. My ambition is to leave the earth better than I found it by making sustainable living mainstream.

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