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Brown Living welcomes Dr. Kapil Narula to its advisory board. His expertise in sustainable architecture will help guide the brand toward a more eco-friendly future.

Former UN Economic Affairs Officer and Advisor (Energy, Niti Aayog) appointed to Brown Living's Advisory Board


Brown Living, a pioneer in India's sustainable and plastic-free market, today announced the appointment of Dr. Kapil Narula as the company's newest advisory board member.

The appointment of Dr. Kapil Narula to the core team is a critical step in strengthening expertise and producing strategic ideas for Brown Living's future. He is now an independent advisor at Brown Living, having previously worked as an Economic Affairs Officer at the United Nations, an Advisor (Energy) at NITI Aayog, and a lecturer at the University of Geneva. He has over 20 years of diversified professional experience in India, Europe, and the MENA region. He has also led numerous teams in the public and private sectors as well as in colleges, think tanks, and international organisations.

Brown living comes as a breath of fresh air in a consumption-driven culture, according to Dr. Kapil Narula, who commented on the appointment:

“Customers have an accessible and inexpensive option to reduce their environmental impact thanks to their ecologically friendly products. For the environmentally concerned consumer, Brown Living offers good value and shows that companies may be successful while still being sustainable.”

Commenting on the appointment, Chaitsi Ahuja, Founder and CEO of Brown Living, said,

“The contribution made by Dr. Kapil is an essential first step in making sure that everyone on the team is responsible for measuring and carrying out every project with the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit in mind. I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Narula to the Brown Living team of passionate earth lovers and  as a member of the Advisory Board, and I am convinced that his extensive expertise across sectors and discipline will further strengthen the brand's position in the Indian consumer environment and assist the company in mainstreaming sustainability."

Dr. Kapil has also written and edited seven books and more than 100 articles and papers, and he serves on the editorial boards of ten scholarly magazines.

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