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Find out how Brown Living's eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories were featured in Architectural Digest India on International Yoga Day.

This blog was originally posted on Architectural Digest India on Jun 21, 2020, by Kriti Saraswat-Satpathy.

6 essential products to elevate the decor of your Yoga Space

International Yoga Day falls on June 21 every year and is celebrated not just in India, but by yoga enthusiasts all across the globe. Given the unique situation, we are in this year, due to the pandemic, the theme is aptly decided as ‘yoga from home, yoga with family’. With work, play and relaxation taking place at homes, it is essential to set the mood right in the room for a calming yoga session. To do so, you can tweak and add certain decor elements to elevate the ambience. Remember, it is best to practice yoga in a well-ventilated room with a window so that there is air circulation during the session. Pick a space that has enough room for you to perform different postures. Here are 6 products to choose from:

Sustainable Yoga Mat

This is perhaps the most important thing you need for your yoga hour. A good yoga mat allows you to perform the postures without putting too much pressure on your joints. It also prevents hurting yourself in case you fall. If you are looking for a sturdy, durable yoga mat that is also eco-friendly, Brown Living offers one made using cork and sustainable tree rubber.

Indoor Plants

Natural air purifiers, indoor plants soak up the room’s carbon dioxide and infuse more oxygen into space. Since yoga involves deep breaths, it is best to add a few plants in the room for both aesthetic and functional purposes. From Peace Lily to Area Palm, take your pick, and place it in a beautiful planter that matches the room’s decor. Beruru, a Bangalore-based company offers plants as well as lovely plant holders made of terracotta, brass, cement and more, along with other gardening tools.

Scent Enhancers

Enhance the scent in your yoga room with the help of scented candles, reed diffusers, essential oils, and room fresheners. Soothing aromas can help you concentrate better, remove odor, and later help you relax as well. Veedaa offers an array of luxury candles and diffusers. Or, you can opt for ScentAir that lets you customize a fragrance with a range of scents perfect for yoga like sandalwood, eucalyptus mint, patchouli twist, and more.


Setting the mood with music is never a bad idea. Opt for a smart speaker with built-in support by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant so you can control it with your voice. You can also use it for listening to guided meditation audio. If you need to watch a yoga tutorial, keep your smartphone or laptop handy, or work out in a room that has a smart TV to follow the steps with ease. 

Herbal Tea

Post your yoga session, you can further soothe your senses by having a cup of herbal tea, that is also beneficial in keeping you toasty in the monsoon. Tea box has partnered with Good Earth for a collection of limited edition tea and mug set inspired by floral motifs of miniature Persian paintings that you can display in your yoga corner, and have a cuppa too. 

Soothing Decor Items

Apart from these essentials, you can take the ambience a notch higher by adding decor products like a lamp, meditation bowls, a rug, a few cushions, and a calming painting in your yoga room. Sarita Handa offers a delightful collection of soft furnishings for setting up this room.

Photo credit: Oscar Wong/Getty Images

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