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Dive into the Kauseyah tale, where Shweta's zero-waste vision meets the brilliance of Indian handlooms. Experience sustainable living on Brown Living.

In the bustling world of fashion, where fast-paced trends dominate, Shweta is on a mission to bring back the art of slow fashion, reviving Indian history and empowering rural artisans. Her brainchild, Kauseyah, is not just a brand but a philosophy of living that resonates with preserving the heritage of rural India.

Brought up in Chhattisgarh, India, Shweta was always drawn to fashion, but her passion for the industry went beyond designing trendy clothes. After working in several brands and industries, including exports, she realized the need to focus on slow fashion, which emphasizes more on handmade clothing. "Handmade clothing is getting lost in the fast fashion industry, and that's what inspired me to start Kauseyah," says Shweta.

Her journey to starting Kauseyah was not easy. After graduating from fashion school in 2019, she spent a year researching and enhancing her design skills, which she believes is a lifelong process. "I asked myself, do I really need to create another brand, and after years of research, Kauseyah was born," she recalls.

Kauseyah is not just another fashion brand; it's a sustainable brand that empowers rural artisans, especially tribal women, who need the most support. Shweta has built a small community of artisans from rural places in Chhattisgarh, enhancing their skills by providing employment. Each piece of clothing at Kauseyah is versatile and lovingly handcrafted with zero wastage, reflecting the Indian history and yet global.

"I wanted to stop this fast fashion pendulum, which is swinging too fast. I wanted to create designs that reflect Indian history and yet global, and I'm proud to say that Kauseyah is doing just that," says Shweta.

Shweta's vision for Kauseyah goes beyond just empowering rural artisans. She wants to create a philosophy of living a life that connects with preserving the heritage of rural India. She wants to encourage people to live a life of zero waste and encourage handmade products.

"The purpose of starting Kauseyah is to generate life for another, not only moving ahead but also giving back to empower and sustain with all my design knowledge," she says.

Shweta's philosophy of living a sustainable life is simple: choose wisely, start small, and encourage rural-made products. She believes that small actions can make a big impact and that we all have a responsibility to make our lives and the world a little more eco-friendly.

"I used to feel like my actions were too small, but I began to realize that as long as I'm doing the best I can, that's all that matters. I focused on the short term first, looked into my impact, researched ways to help mitigate it, and made my day-to-day a little more eco-friendly," she shares.

Despite her passion for slow fashion, Shweta faced two of her toughest challenges while building Kauseyah: lack of time and prioritization. However, she found the best way to overcome these challenges is to change her mind and surroundings, choosing what is easily available, making a healthy routine, and starting small.

Through Kauseyah, Shweta is not only providing empowerment but also encouraging people to embrace slow fashion, live a sustainable life, and support rural artisans. She believes that fashion should be more than just clothes and should reflect the values of our society.

Shweta's story is not just about an entrepreneur who is building a successful brand but about a woman who is empowering rural India, preserving its heritage, and inspiring others to live a sustainable life. Her journey is a testament to the fact that small actions can make a big impact, as we all strive to do, every day.

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