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Vishal Singh's journey into harnessing hemp's wonders for a greener future. Discover eco-friendly living and sustainable choices in our latest blog!

Debunking myths around the magical plant Hemp, Vishal Singh’s startup Hemploom is also to increase awareness about the plants’ uses & benefits. He started Hemploom with the thought of ethical practices to be instilled in the minds of this generation.

One of the biggest challenges he feels is getting to change customers’ behavior & mindset toward sustainability. This can only be changed via awareness which can be done majorly through education & with some campaigns/drives.

Vishal believes that finding alternatives to conventional products & services is a big challenge, especially in areas that are a little less explored. On top of that sustainable practices require more time as well as finance to operate.

He says that raising awareness and providing education on the environmental and social impacts of actions can help people understand the importance of sustainability. Providing examples of successful sustainable initiatives can also help to inspire and motivate people. Implementing sustainable practices doesn't always have to be expensive. Simple changes such as turning off lights when not in use, reducing paper use, and encouraging recycling can be implemented with little to no cost. 

“My father, being a botanist, has never seized an opportunity to educate me about the wonders that plants can do.” He says that following this he founded Hemploom. And the motto of Hemploom is to only recreate the ideas of fashion and consumption in a much more ethical fashion, along with making people aware that hemp is a plant with immense benefits, and should be given due recognition for being so useful.

His way of dealing with challenges is establishing clear sustainability goals and identifying key performance indicators that can help measure and track progress. Collaborating with industry associations and engaging with stakeholders can also help establish standardized metrics and data. 

‘One thing at a time.’ He feels sustainable living can also lead to cost savings over time, as it often involves reducing waste, conserving energy, and choosing more efficient products. For example, using reusable bags and containers instead of disposable ones can save money on packaging costs over time.

He believes sustainability is also a collective effort that has its upsides. Like,  participating in sustainable living initiatives can also lead to increased social connections and a sense of community. Collaborating with others to plant a community garden, volunteering for environmental clean-up efforts, or participating in local sustainability events can help build relationships with like-minded individuals.

Hence, ‘One for all, All for one’.

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