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Niharika's passion for sustainability and a more natural way of life led her to create Sugarfreelicious, a company that offers healthy, delicious desserts without the use of processed sugars. However, it was not an easy journey. Spreading awareness about her innovative products and the importance of returning to nature was difficult, but Niharika persevered in her mission. As a sustainable business, she also faced challenges with working capital and creating plastic-free packaging that aligned with her company's values. Despite these challenges, she continued to believe in her vision, and today she has built a successful brand that stands for something important.

Niharika's journey towards a sustainable and healthy lifestyle was not only a business decision but a personal one. Like many of us, she has a sweet tooth and enjoyed after-dinner desserts that were not necessarily healthy. Recognizing the impact processed sugar was having on her health and the environment, she decided to make a change. By creating a company that focuses on natural ingredients and sustainability, Niharika has not only created a healthier dessert but a healthier way of life.

The one thing that stands out in Niharika's journey is her commitment to providing a solution to a problem that affects us all. Through Sugarfreelicious and her inspiring journey, Niharika shows us that it is possible to pursue your passion, make a positive impact, and share a healthier way of living with the world.

"It was a journey that I am grateful for and it has given me a clear vision of what I want myself and Sugarfreelicious to be and that is 'A SOLUTION not a problem'!", she adds.

Niharika Mathur's journey toward sustainability and healthier living is a story of passion, perseverance, and a commitment to positive change.

"My health has drastically gotten better without any conventional medication and that has impacted my productivity and given me a sense of calm within myself."

It reminds us that by putting our values into action, we can make a real difference in the world. Her success with Sugarfreelicious shows us that it is possible to prioritize sustainability and still build a profitable business.

Niharika strongly believes that over 90% of all our diseases are essentially due to our lifestyle and that medication can only be of use to some extent. She says, "Going back to nature and its bounty can help not only cure but also reverse some of the "terminal" labeled diseases, and our fight is focused on the almighty refined sugar that has permeated into everything we consume in today's world. At Sugarfreelicious, we want to change that by providing better, natural, vegan, preservative-free alternatives that are a true representation of nature's sweetness!"

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur in sustainability, an eco-enthusiast, or a health-conscious individual, Niharika's journey is one that can inspire us all.

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