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Take the first step towards a sustainable future with Brown Living's range of courses & workshops. Learn from experts in sustainability & make a positive impact on the planet. Becoming Sustainable is a slow, ever evolving journey. A big part of living consciously comes from constantly gathering and updating your knowledge. Whether you’re a beginner or not, there is always scope to learn.

Below is a list of online courses & workshops to help you skill-up in all aspects of sustainability. 

Introduction to Sustainability on Coursera

Introduction to Sustainability Online Course on Coursera

If you want to go in-depth into the concept of sustainability and its effects on a global level, you can try this introductory online course by the University of Illinois. This course takes the academic approach to sustainability and explores how our societies can endure global change, ecosystem degradation, and resource limitations.

Circular Economy on Coursera

Circular Economy Online Course on Coursera

This course by Lund University talks about the materials that go into sustainable production and how to operate on a circular economy model. This course looks at where the materials in our everyday products come from and how they can be used more efficiently. It emphasizes how a circular economy is a result of smart, conscious choices.

Introduction to Zero-Waste Living on Udemy

Introduction to Zero-Waste Living Online Course on Udemy

As the name suggests, this self-paced course is crafted to get you into the groove of adopting a zero-waste lifestyle. You will learn how to generate less waste, repurpose waste, and also ways to use it efficiently. To know more about the course rating, you may check here.

Reducing your Environmental Impact- Multiple courses on Future Learn

Reducing your Environmental Impact- Multiple courses on Future Learn

This website has a dedicated section that includes multiple courses on sustainability and eco-awareness. The topics are mostly based on broader concepts like wildlife conservation, awareness creation topics like climate change, and even fashion and sustainability.

Daily Dump Paathshala

Daily Dump Paathshala Workshop

Daily Dump is another composting and waste management organization that conducts regular workshops on composting. These are majorly practical, on-ground workshops and you can avail of their services post lockdown for personal learning or even for your society collectively. They also have tons of free online learning resources on their website to get you introduced to the concepts of waste management and clear your initial doubts.

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +919916426661.

Sustainability Workshops by Skrap

Online Workshops by Skrap Zero Waste

Skrap is a waste-management company that also conducts regular workshops to help you live sustainably. Be it an organization or an individual, you can avail their digital workshops on topics ranging from zero-waste living to making your own bio-enzymes and even learn how to segregate your waste, among many more topics. Post lockdown, you can also contact them for offline training.

Website | Instagram | Email 

Zero Waste in 30 by Bare Necessities

Zero Waste in 30 Online Course by Bare Necessities

This self-paced course is designed to help you transition into a zero-waste lifestyle, It provides realistic and practical zero waste changes that you can make at a personal level. The course videos include research and data, interviews with more than 10 experts, and several DIY videos with tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your life!

Sustainability in 30 by Bare Necessities

Sustainability in 30 Online Course by Bare Necessities

This course is for those who wish to understand the true meaning of sustainability and also learn how to implement it in your business, operations, and more. It is a self-paced course and also teaches you concepts such as waste management, renewable energy, etc.

Auroville Green Practices Workshops

Auroville Green Practices Workshops

With a vast range of online courses on topics like Water resource management, urban forestry, paper-making, permaculture, and more, Auroville Green Practices conducts online workshops on various sustainability-related topics. They usually have timings and details listed on their website to help you enroll in these courses.

Website | Instagram | Email | Contact: +918300883945.

Hum Prithvi Se

Hum Prithvi Se Workshops
"Hum Prithvi use" is a workshop series where you can learn how to live more consciously to lead an earth-friendly lifestyle.
Filled with tips and tricks, the series ranges from workshops on Natural Oral care to Gardening Basics & DIY Natural Fertilisers. Additionally, here you can share your thoughts, experiences, and knowledge on your way of sustainable living.

Website | Instagram 

Sustainable Procurement: A Guide to Ethical Purchasing on Udemy

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to make an impact in the office and learn more about how to improve environmental and social performance in daily operations at work. This course doesn't require you to have any experience in sustainability, just an open mind. It is ideal for general managers, small business owners, corporate procurement staff, sales teams, and anyone who wants better understand sustainability and take practical steps in the right direction.

Talking Sustainability in the Boardroom on Udemy

We know how difficult it is to talk to members of the Board of Directors and how easy you might be labeled and dismissed as a “tree hugger”. This course has been put together by people, who believe in the power of business to create value for society and shareholders simultaneously – a strategy Michael Porter at Harvard Business School calls Shared Value. How to bring social and environmental issues to the attention of the most senior executives and board members, who in many cases are not used to discuss sustainability.

The authors of this course have consolidated their experience and those of many others in order to help you get a kick-start and be recognised by the Board for what you are: someone deeply concerned about the longevity and competitiveness of the company which is embedded in a society in which expectations about social and environmental performance raise every day.   

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