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Of all Indian festivals, Diwali, which means festival of lights, is the most significant. The festival has been cherished by billions across India and everywhere beyond. It’s a time for sharing, eating wonderful food, and of course the lovely practice of decorating our home with lights and colour. 

However, lately, Diwali is being criticised for generating excessive waste and pollution. There are seven creative ways of celebrating Diwali in an eco-friendly manner by choosing sustainable products for home décor.

1. Embracing Diwali's Radiance

Diwali represents the conquest of light over darkness. This is where earth lamps light up homes and colourful decorations make the ambiance cheerful and cosy. Sustainable home decor may come with using LED lights which are a cheaper option as they consume minimal electricity, also allowing us to acknowledge the sustainable approach.

2. Upcycling Your Way to Decor

Upcycling refers to a process wherein existing, unused, or disposed products are made into new and valuable commodities. It’s environmentally friendly and adds a unique edge without generating unnecessary wastage. For instance, transforming old glass jars into bright lanterns or repurposing wine bottles into sophisticated candle holders.

3. Handcrafted Diyas and Soy Candles

The true spirit of Diwali remains incomplete, unless there is a festive look of traditional Diyas (clay lamps) and candles. Choose to buy local Diyas that are handmade by local artisans supporting the preservation of craftsmanship as well as employing the people. Ensure it is a green and ethical approach to celebrating your Diwali by choosing such products.

4. Organic and Biodegradable eco-friendly house decor

Utilise organic and biodegradable materials in your Diwali decor to create a greener ambiance. Individuals can also create a nice Rangoli with natural products such as rice flour, flower petals, and coloured sand. These materials are safe for disposal as well.

5. Eco-friendly Home Decor Products

Support sustainable choices by investing in green home decor that resonates with your beliefs and minimizes negative impacts on the environment. When buying, opt for sustainable products like those fabricated from bamboo, jute, or recycled wood. 

For starters, purchase eco-friendly home decor products like torans (door hangings) that are made using cloths and other renewable materials rather than opting for plastic decorations that are disposed of after use. Choose cotton and jute rugs that beautify your home decor and also ensure environmental conservation.

6. Green and Air-Purifying Plants

Include sustainable home decor options like adding greens to your Diwali décor by bringing your indoor plants home. Besides serving as refreshing and elegant additions, these plants serve in the form of natural air cleaners. For example, snake plants, peace lilies, or spider plants. Greenery in your eco-friendly Diwali decor helps to improve indoor air quality and brings serenity. 

7. Support Local Vendors and Artists

With green home decor during Diwali, one can minimize their carbon footprint while making an impression on others. Sustainable home decor options help save the environment by reducing waste and resource consumption. Additionally, this leads to supporting local artisans as well as small businesses creating opportunities for sustainable living.

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