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The festival of Diwali is the best time to show your appreciation for employees. This is also a great chance to build bonds and relations. Gifts are almost synonymous with Diwali. It is an age-old tradition of gifting our loved ones. This is the perfect time to convey our wishes with thoughtful gifts. One such idea is eco-friendly corporate gifts. It is a trendy and earth-friendly option to gift sustainable corporate gifts. If you are planning what to gift your employees, read on. This article will discuss the 10 best corporate Diwali gifting ideas

Bamboo Mobile Holder | Charging Dock | Ideal Corporate Gift

This festive season gift your employees a sustainable Bamboo Mobile Holder. This bamboo mobile holder is the best eco-friendly corporate gift for your employees. It is an ergonomically designed gift that keeps your table mess-free. Also, it gives your phone a stylish dock for charging.

Travel Kit Gift Box

When it comes to corporate gifts, there is nothing better than Travel Kit Gift Boxes. Especially in work that requires a lot of travel, this gift acts as a saver. With an amazing colour combo, it is sure to bring a smile to any employee's face. Interestingly, you can also plant 10 trees with this purchase.

4 Can Tea Gift Box

Who does not love tea? Choose these eco-friendly Diwali corporate gifts to bring a smile to your employee's faces. This is an attractive reusable metal box that has 4 assorted teas. It is the perfect gifting option for the Diwali season. It includes Moroccan Mint, Darjeeling Green Tea, Finest Jasmine Pearls, and Imperial Earl Grey.

Premium Handcrafted Bamboo Pens – Pack of 2

These handcrafted bamboo pens are great eco-friendly corporate gifts. They are handmade reusable pens that are environmentally safe. Use these pens to experience a new writing journey. Once the pen's refill is over, open and replace the refill, and choose from these sustainable corporate gifts this Diwali. Let us do our bit for our planet earth.

Everything Eco & Nice Gift Box – Sustainable Eco Gift Kit

Make this your next eco-friendly Diwali corporate gift. This gift box has eco-friendly products that make your life simpler. This is the best investment you can choose for today. It contains Upcycled Coconut Bowls, Canvas Pika Pouch, Statement Straw Set, Bamboo Toothbrush, and cutlery. With this kit, you get to plant 5 trees.

Honey Dipped - Nuts & Seeds Mix

This corporate gift is one that all employees will love. The Nuts & Seeds Mix is a lovely gifting option soaked in organic raw bee honey. Choose these high-quality protein snacks to gift your employees. It is an energy booster and an excellent source of vitamins for the body. Also, it has no sugar, and it is 100% natural.


Diwali is the season that includes the exchange of sweets, gifts, and good memories. It is one festival that is widely celebrated throughout the country. This festive season, make your employees feel special. Above are the best 6 corporate Diwali gifting ideas. To shop for the best Diwali gift for employees, do not forget to visit Brown Living.


What are some best gifts for employees during the Diwali season?

Diwali is the perfect season and reason to show some appreciation for your employees. Above, we have listed a few sustainable choices for gifting purposes. You can gift travel kits, kitchen accessories, and pen sets.

What do companies give to employees during the Diwali season?

Every company gifts its employees products, essential items, or household items. They usually choose a category of gifts for employees.

How can you benefit the planet by buying gifts for employees?

Brown Living offers a wide range of sustainable corporate gifts. In addition, when you purchase products from their website, they offer to plant a certain number of trees.

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