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Are you planning to surprise your employees with a gift? What better than gifting them an eco-friendly gift that has more thought behind it than a normal gift? Corporate gifting has become a thing for every business as a goodwill gesture for their hardworking employees. Eco-friendly gifts for the employees take it to another level with efforts business showcases for their employees. 

Employees play a very important role in achieving a business aim and bringing success to the company. Thus, they deserve all kinds of appreciation and sustainable corporate gifts are one of them. 

Nowadays companies have become conscious of what they produce and how is it impacting the environment in any aspect. And giving their employees eco-friendly corporate gifts can be one step closer to having a positive impact on the company. 

Here comes the role of brown living in corporate gifting. Brown living offers a wide range of products that are plastic free, sustainable, and have a low carbon impact on our earth. 

Here is a list of the top 10 eco-friendly gifts for the employees - 

Acoustic amplifier and mobile docking station 

Every employee does not have his/her hands-free any time in the office to attain calls. Therefore, we have an acoustic amplifier that amplifies the sound coming from the mobile phone and acts as a mobile docking station for attending hands-free calls. This is one of the ideal sustainable corporate gifts for your employees

Premium handcrafted bamboo pens 

These recyclable pens made up of bamboo can be a perfect gift for your staff. They are also designed for better grip. These pens are reusable too. Once your refill is over you can replace it with another refill and reuse it. 

But why bamboo as it is a plant too you may think? Bamboo is a plant that is fast-growing and thus, it is the right choice for sustainable pens and a great replacement for plastic pens.

Kakapo cork wallet 

This is a luxurious gift for your beloved employees. Who doesn’t love a little luxury? This a unisex wallet that is fine and has a luxurious finish to it. It is made from cork and has several benefits such as - it is cruelty-free, chemicals free, water-resistant, and tear-resistant, unlike leather. Who needs a common leather wallet when they can have this premium wallet? 

Affirmation journal 

Help your employees take charge of their thoughts and overcome all their negative thoughts with positive ones with this journal. This journal is made out of hand-made paper and thus it is included in sustainable corporate gifts. This journal may help employees in their journey toward mental wellness in their busy working schedules. Now bring your employees in a positive spirit with our affirmation journal! 

Coconut candle holder 

This candle holder is made up of coconut shells. Its imperfection brings uniqueness to it. The rawness of this holder with no chemicals used brings more charm to it! It is easy to maintain and durable too. 

Microgreen seeds kit 

Microgreens are easy to grow and healthy. So, here is a microgreen kit with six varieties of seeds, six name kits, 3 cocopeat discs, and a guide to help you grow the seeds. The seeds are open-pollinated, non-hybrid, and non-GMO and great for health.

4-in-1 wooden puzzle game set 

Want a fun and eco-friendly corporate gift for employees 4-in-1 wooden puzzle with 3D puzzles is the gift. This set includes a total of 4 3D puzzles that adults love. This can be carried anywhere with comfort and ease. And it is fun to play. 

Pika pouch 

Gift your employees a pouch for organizing stationery or other clutter in it. This pouch is made up of sustainable fabrics that are water-resistant. It also has an interlining of cotton. They are handcrafted in Kolkata by artisans. This is an extremely useful sustainable corporate gift for the employees. 

Bamboo phone holder and charging dock

This product serves two benefits in one. It is a phone holder as well as acts as a charging dock for an easy way to charge the phone. It is made from bamboo and therefore comes in sustainable corporate gifts. As employees will be beneficial to have a phone holder on their desks to avoid mess. To keep the desk neat and clean.

Sustainable personal care gift hamper 

Reminding your employees of self-care is a great way to express the company’s care and affection towards them. This personal care kit contains upcycled coconut shell soy wax candle with an essential oil aroma, a steel straw & sisal cleaner set, a neem wood comb, and a bamboo toothbrush. 


These were the top 10 sustainable corporate gifts. It is always great to give a gift that has more value and thought behind it. And that is saving our earth in different ways! Gift your loved ones one of these gifts and see their enlightened face! 

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